IC Radio Episode 1

We’re doing it a day early this week.

Sat, Sep 01 @ 02:00 UTC

Timer can be found at: https://imperialconflict.com/radio

Tentative topics:

  1. MIA: where is Supernova?
  2. Plans for Sirius
  3. New Galaxy Setting: Limited Map
  4. Terra 4
  5. Milky Way 64 post-assimilation families and expected impact
  6. Milky Way 64 PvC
  7. Q&A

And yes, it will be recorded this time, provided I don’t goof it up again. :grimacing: :wink:

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I’m still praying I will live to see the day that the people from Europe get the chance to experience this live.


Maybe we can run a few hours earlier next one to do this, availability is pretty good for us all.

is there a recording of it? i wana give it a listen, i bet you dumb smucks are hillerious! :smiley:

There is this time, hopefully pie has it up soon :+1:

It’s 4:00 AM now, so you better make it about 6 hours earlier then :stuck_out_tongue:

6 hours earlier would work great for me actually.

I’m still open to an alternating schedule if we can find another willing co-host.

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id be willing to co-host, avalibilty atm is kinda sketchy, waiting to get new ISP

It’s up!

Assimilation, MTG_Dad’s First War, Game Imbalances

and much more.

We’ll be live for Episode 2 on Sat, Sep 08 @ 02:00 UTC, just under 9 hours from now.

Radio Schedule @ https://imperialconflict.com/radio

Get Backstage Access @ http://patreon.com/imperialconflict


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SN needs quezian to be optimal if its about capturing people…refrence, AW, Jaguar,Nightwish,Orion+++++
Super nova will BOOM with attack bug fixed and quzian race back…than we can tackle the moral issue later :stuck_out_tongue:

random sound like that guy from flight of the concords LOL

MUTE CHAT when recording n00bs, beep, beep, beep :stuck_out_tongue:

Free YAMA issue; its a feature that benefit the active players. .If removed the new map needs a planet editor/manager, so you are able to store p-list etc. issue solved, lazy old players shouldnt have a vote on this @Random , good or bad? prefrence or not. make that super active frosty clone do 24 plist a day, but the normal joe on the street, give him a chanse to hide spread without being detected. it will help even things out

Civ vs risk, fog of war or open map… we moved from one to another. its was not always there, u had to work for it before, now its free and its bad :stuck_out_tongue:

There is so much talk of fam differences, top vs bottom and talk of assimulation. but no analasys of all these features that push in favor of the super active…as free yama, income ranking + big fams…

feelings of high’s and lows and they diminsh as the game gets easier- yes agreed - i belive the high/low is what made is SOOO adictive! dont take that away! dont make it easier!

MTG_dad your wrong on bankers, CF bankers = MUCH more valuable! IMO .if u look at fam total income over 1 round… the cfs bankers in total bring ALOT MORE in than POP + pop is easy to stop. lazy partaxians is another issue.

conclusion. The main discussion basicly revolvs around 1 issue, difference big/small fams attacked from diffrent angels. still the new or “newer” features that benefit the active players are not mentioned once… what if these features could be turned off for smaller or custom galaxies so we can test and prove the effect of em.

OMFG YES! This is so annoying when listening the recording, my gooddddd… I lost count of how many times I checked my own chat in between, when listening the recording lol

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Yeah haha, that sucked. We killed that on ep 2 for sure. :+1:

Good discussions though! :+1: