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Thank you @OrBit for the feedback. :+1:

Orbit Today at 8:00 AM
These kind of things have been mentioned many times over the years, allowing family members to take aid, maybe allowing players to set up aid packages by time/amount, eg sending food to bankers. allowing players to donate planets to family members via a flag. Being able to set fleet amount to send to flagged planets and do it all in one click. To be honest, it’s all real common sense stuff but has been raised and ignored so many times already

you could simplify the game 100%, and make it more fun and less demanding to play

If anybody is available to help, it would save time if we could find relevant discussions mentioned above. I could chase them down, but if somebody else can do so it will let me focus on dev stuff.

Roadmap item:


You could also make a simple app for the play store on mobiles etc, even id it just loads up as a browser type app locked to IC, it would attract at least a few new players once all of us 5 star review bomb it.

Im sure for an intelligent man like yourself pie it would be a doddle.

Look around a bit, been on the play store for a few years

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Dont see it on the app store for apple. But tbf i didnt know there was an android application.

If everyone was to go review it, itd increase its store popularity.
May add a messabe to players man HQ pages askig leave a review.

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We made one for apple sorta…well…sorta lol…apple requires a developer account at about 100 hundred a year. They also comb thru any app you want to put on there store. The app has to do something no other app can do or contain new features. Our app uses WebView to load a webpage, has push notifications ability to send alerts. So sadly don’t see it going on apple as your basic browser can do the same. You can add the shortcut to your phone screen though like a bookmark

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The iOS web app is surprisingly not a bad experience.


We should add more visible links to this, and the android app.

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