Standardize coordinates format

See Standardize coordinates format for details. This thread is to track it’s priority against other accepted ideas.

Also, it is worth considering this:

If we do this before replacing silenz functionality, it will break the game for many players. I’ll add silenz replacements to #roadmap:to-do, no need to post about them in #roadmap:ideas.

Vote for this feature to raise its priority and get it done faster!

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On the one hand silenz would not work, but fleet elite, and internal tools like the distance tool in the game, would work a lot better.

I think this is a priority.

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All you have to do is paste the fam news cords in silenz and it will give you lists in the standard format … I would rather spend an extra 30 seconds doing that then not be able to use silenz at all anymore.

Completely agree with Pickle. There’s no reason to change coordinates format until silenz either disappears or is replaced by an ingame function that works with the new format.

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Except that doesn’t work with formats with typo’s, like we see now (XX;YY;ZZ) and planet x, in the x and y system.

And it completely passes by the fact that it is an external tool, giving new players unaware of these tools a huge disadvantage.
Yes, I believe this should all be incorporated in the game. But if we have to start somewhere, make it here.

Of course even better would be if Pie could merge this idea with the and FleetElite proposals.


Yea a revamped family news where you can pull silenz type reports, and everything is in the standard format would be a dream.