Ss galaxy upcoming poll

Hey it’s exciting times, going to run a poll on the layout for this upcoming ss galaxy so here we go.

Family layout

  • Family
  • Solo

0 voters

If family how many families?

  • 2
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10
  • 12

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  • Yes
  • No

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Custom map or regular style

  • Regular
  • Custom

0 voters

Allow custom races

  • Yes
  • No

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Map size - we can’t have too big because of performance issues we been experiencing

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

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Seems a bit odd that it would be map size if so might want to consider custom gals and closing the neverending galaxy which seems a more likely culprit…

We’ve already announced that we are doing so:

Also, there is no indication that there is only a single culprit, which is why we’re limiting the map options for this next galaxy.

Please read @Soull’s post quoted above; it contains more information.


Edited an added a entry for something that was brought up earlier


ok going to close the poll in the morning when i wake up, now is your chance to get your voice heard, VOTE.

Good Morning everyone, okay the poll closed an heres the results. 24 total votes of about 60 players

Family Layout.
63 pct voted for a Family layout with the total number of families to be 8

It was close on having a market with 54 pct of you voting to have the Market in this SS galaxy.

58 pct voted to have a custom map, we will try to be using Daffy map Generator to have a custom map, with that map size being a medium size

63pct of you voted to allow Custom Races.

Thank you all for voting

Was the size of the map contributing to the latency issues? I think a lot of players may have voted for medium because of that so if that wasn’t the cause could we do a re-vote just on that? I know most players like bigger maps, and MW has already been feeling claustrophobic.

If not at the very least lets get some more planets per system… explo phase ends way to soon and anyone joining mid round won’t have anything to do.

we will take that into advisement, i didn’t put size numbers for that reason, its all up to interpretation

Only bigger map and more planets if it doesnt mess up games performanc plz.

Coolio. custom map be awesome, even just for fair home system locations.

Looking like 5/6 families of 8?

Didn’t have a vote for number of drafts which could have been a good vote too.

Just a quick question as I am returning post these new ideologies…

What’s a custom map?

Something you can make with my Custom Map Maker


Right got you - that looks sick to be honest. So the idea would be that we would agree on a particular shape ahead of the round and go from there?

That’s what I assume will happen. Get the plebs to come up with a few designs to vote on.

Im pretty psyched about the new ss galaxy

Writing up the Galaxy now.

8 families
Custom map as posted
Drafting disabled
No market
Custom races allowed
1 race change
4 week duration
50x resources

  • decided to disable Market, as it would allow aiding family members still just with a tax involved.

Don’t start to soon… Need to finish virgo first :stuck_out_tongue:

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