Ss galaxy map

Using daffy software or the online one another member posted

Design a map for the ss galaxy, we will vote on the best one

Rules 100x100 300 systems 8 home systems

Thanks timeline 24 hours

With 8 fam home systems right?

Edited to reflect my oversight of 8 home systems

Right then here’s my entry. Double ring spiral with war singularity. Randomish but fair enough that no one fam gets any real advantage.



Wow, thats pretty crazy how you can design maps now, nice work

Can no one else figure out his software? Going to be closing this tonight as it seems daffy design will be the winner

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The Earth Map is fun too … might not fit the Pinwheel theme if the SS galaxy is going to indeed be PW… and it would only support 6 fams.


All in favor

  • Yes
  • No
  • More time for alternatives

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I voted!

How many planets per system? It looks like there are about 300 systems total, so would need to have 9 or 10 to be on par with the number of planets from MW last round.


Map wrap? each fam would have a very close neighbour =D

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Makes it interesting doesn’t it

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I could always move the home systems to central or inner ends of the arms

Or in the middle between two arms, although if two fams race to the same arm … :grin:nm i like it as is.

ok closed the poll, looks like we are going with Daffy’s design, awaiting the map file :slight_smile:

Map is sent. Tweaked the design a bit. Homes in the outer ring. Denser and more central singularity.


yea I would think map wrap would need to be turned off … it doesnt make sense for this type of custom map.

Going to see if we can add empty systems to create distance, as disabling map wrap is not a feature we have at the present time