SI prefixes in numbers

Please can we have user inputs where we can enter 10k or 12.5m etc. instead of needing to count how many 0s we are adding all over the place. This would help with the market, building planets up, aid, etc. and would reduce the amount of time spent typing the number 0.

Thank you


would be wonderful… i imagine a pain to implement though

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It shouldn’t be too much of a pain. There’s only a handful and all it would need to check for is the first non-float character and, if it’s lowered form is in dictionary {"k":1000, "m": 1000000, "b": 1000000000} (cross the "t" bridge if we ever come to it), then multiply the two values (2.5k is 2.5 * 1000 = 2500), else only use the float or return an error (right now it just ignores any non-float characters after the initial float, from what I’ve tested).

Or make a “send” “send K” “send M” button

That’s a lot of extra buttons to throw around, since it wouldn’t be a specific update to aid alone.

But appealing to app users all around imho

I personally wouldn’t use them but, as long as it doesn’t stop enter from defaulting to being the current form submission button for send/build/etc. (the current send/build/etc. button), I don’t see why that couldn’t be an “as well as” feature. It would just need to ignore the k,m,b,…, as current implementation does, if you press anything other than the default send/build/etc. button (otherwise you would end up with xkk and so on).