Retiring The Chaos Server


Hello everybody,

Unfortunately, the costs of running Imperial Conflict have been increasing lately and we have to prune a few things in order to keep it online.

One of our larger costs right now is running multiple servers for different tick speeds. While this has allowed us a great opportunity to try different game experiences, running multiple servers was never meant to be the long term solution for the split tick.

The proper solution is to allow a single server to handle different tick speeds, which isn’t supported right now but should eventually be the way this feature works.

So, we will be retiring our Chaos (1-min tick) server at the end of November 2018 to help us reduce operating costs.

Some Notes

  • Alpha Centauri will continue to run up until the chaos server closes, at which point it will be re-opened as a galaxy on the Hyper server (15-min ticks).

  • If you’ve been curious about 1-minute ticks but haven’t yet tried them, nows your chance. Imperial Warrior level subscribers can still create chaos galaxies up until its closure.

  • Although we do plan to properly implement the tick-split anyway, we are open to keeping the chaos server online if we are able to get more donations to help cover the cost. We’re at $181/mo right now and could keep this server online if we hit at least $215/mo.

  • The dev and hyper servers will stay online for now, but depending on how things develop we may be closing those at some point as well.

Thanks for your understanding, and as always if you’d like to help Imperial Conflict grow or even just sustain itself, feel free to donate and check out our new merch store.