Alpha Centauri: Improve your attack/defense!

As a n00b, I’ve wanted a place to focus on improving my attack skills, as well as my defense strategies.

Enter Alpha Centauri:

Alpha Centauri is a place to work on attack and defense. It’s a training galaxy, like Manthano, except that aggression is not only not forbidden, it’s the whole point.

There’s one rule, though: engagement must be by agreement. Build up your defense, then go invite someone to try to blow you away. Or build your fleet and ask a neighboring empire if it’s alright to test your might against their puny lasers.

There are no other rules. UA and such are allowed. Just don’t attack without permission.

There are 128 spots among 8 families, minus the one I’ve taken. Ticks are one minute, which will make it easy to see results and learn what works and what doesn’t. Note that one-minute ticks means you need to build stuff right away or your resources will dwindle to zero and you’ll get stuck until someone aids you or you ask for your empire to be deleted to start over.

I would very much like a few veteran attackers to join to provide guidance. Perhaps these vets could join as non-attacker races so attacker n00bs can learn how to be an attacker in a family with resourcers and bankers.

Oh, and there’s one more extremely important rule: have a good time.


I would love to join such as a galaxy, but as the goal is to test strategies, in my opinion, it makes no sense to make these this short. You can’t organize a well executed raid, or a good defense in these ticks. Make them 15 minutes and I’m in. Mainly to test defences and learn people how to block raids.

what happens if u break the rules and attack without agreement?

orion is right, u cant train in a one minute galaxy for the real thing make it 15M and i am in too

yeah I concur, 15min ticks would be great, as it would give you plenty of time to research :slight_smile: but I’m going to join up tonight and give it a go!

Thanks for the feedback!

I’m thinking enforcement would be like in Manthano: breaking the rule gets you marked as rogue and killed off.

Here’s the Discord server:

well, anyone wanna fight ?

I will eventually. I have an old hand in my fam who is helping me learn. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to get my ass destroyed. :wink:

One thing I didn’t mention: passive ops are allowed. My fam member pointed out that this is necessary to estimate what you need to build to prepare.

So, anyone? It’s gotten kinda silly, people have just been sitting there jacking up their nw, fleet and science to untouchable levels.

Yeah. I totally plan to get into a fight. I’ve just been under the weather lately. Hopefully within a few days my head will be screwed back on tight enough to process a battle.

I’m thinking more as time goes on this should have been 15 min ticks. Oh, well, I’ll give it more time.

Nah, the 1 min ticks are fine.

People should just go in, take at most a day to build up, and go at it. Not this weeks of preparing.

It’s a lab, not a round for the rankings

That’s a good point, and now I think I over-prepped. When I’m feeling a little better, maybe I’ll just jump in.

With the chaos server being retired at the end of November, with Pie’s thumbs-up I have asked to go ahead and create Alpha Centauri II on hyper now, and change Alpha Centauri The First to a fun free-for-all until it gets shut down.

So be on the lookout for Alpha Centauri II. In the meantime, let 'er rip on Alpha Centauri The First!

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