Retiring all alternate servers

Last month we announced the closing of the chaos server, due to increasing operational costs.

To be blunt with you all, Grazilda’s had some unexpected medical issues, which further limits my ability to self-fund additions to the game.

Unfortunately, I have to shut down the following servers:

  • dev (experimental and feature-previews)
  • chaos (1-min ticks)
  • hyper (15-min ticks)

Sirius 6 will run to completion on hyper, but as of Wed Nov 21 only the classic server will remain online.

If any Patreon subscribers feel like this reneges on expected perks, feel free to contact me for a refund.

Donations are welcome as we re-evaluate our operating costs.


I totally get it. All the best to Grazilda. The oldest cat we’ve had so far has been Grimoire - Grimmy - who lived to be 21. Our current oldest is 13, I think.

21, wow!

My oldest prior to this was Link-Lee, my older bro’s siamese we had growing up. He went till 17 I think.

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This has been completed, it was a good run!

We do plan to bring back alternate-tick galaxies on the main server, but there is no ETA for that at the moment.

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