Request: Playground Round

Maybe if we end this round early, we could have one of those totally drafted rounds with small families? 3 or 4 fam members? Team play.

The kind where leaders picked among pool of players and everyone stated their preferred role, time zone, activity level and so on? What were they called? Yard games? Maybe ppl would learn more about fellow players that way too?


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I’m in to start a new round

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It’s been awhile, we can do this again. For reference, here’s the last one:

  1. The Signup Thread
  2. The Draft Thrad

The quickest problem we had last time was that some captains signed up and then disappeared. So we should be prepared to adjust accordingly.

Outside of that though, the draft process itself worked pretty well.

Unless anybody has any reason to not do this, we can start prepping and discussing the actual galaxy details.

oh shit yeah it was 1v1v1 not 1v1 last time. I had it in my head ICD was in our fam :man_shrugging: - must have been the round before/after that I remembered that from

I’m confused I’ll play a round

I think playground is better for a 2 - 4 fam galaxy. With a bunch of small fams it sounds like a pain in the ass with placing members, waiting on the other captains for the draft ect.

I would prefer a full random small fam galaxy… its the 2nd best option to keep try to keep fams even.

Maybe after this next galaxy we can try another big fam galaxy with playground drafting.

I’m in.
I prefer no less than 4 fams with full draft- PlayGround Style…
deviltenor (1)

Do it on Discord and it shouldn’t be an issue

I like it! Small fams, full draft playground style

6 player size

Yes, Lets do a tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 draft picks. Only one vet per team!

You realize 99% of the community is a “vet”?

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One noob per team then!!

I will play with a vet I just need a cash attacker I’ll get ressies

I recommend wardancers I’ll be custom ressies.

I’m willing to go wardancers if you want to do ressies attacker but I feel I’d be the better custom
Haven’t played wardancers in 20 years .

Tag not playing with voices


Full Draft
Rank 2: My fam X-CLAN with the points win!
I sent a list of draft picks to Pitbull via discord as I had a couple appointments. He picked the team on his own discretion. The chemistry was explosive, hot & sticky!

There is no such thing as points win, nor NW win.
There is only size.

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