Rate-limit aiding

When several aid packages are sent in a short period of time, it can cause the game to slow down.

We will fix the underlying reason for this, but we should also limit how frequently a single player can send aid.

Vote for this feature to raise its priority and get it done faster!

Hiding news by spamming 100 aiding packages really fast after built tick is strategy. First minute after war jump there could be up to 1000 aid transactions to hide the complete fam built figures.

How much should this be reduced?

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Understandable, additionally may create problems for fam bank. Also @I_like_pie maybe we can make a minimum limit of how much resie they should be able to send, sending 1gc is like abuse.

if we limit the outgoing aid to 5 aid shipments per person to another specific empire per tick, that sounds fair no?
Could make it 10 to avoid being penalized for a genuine mistake.

Sure, it’s strategy to cover sensitive information in infils, but it’s the kind of strategy that simply rewards excess activity instead of presenting any sort of interesting choices. It is always better to cover all of your family members’ news. It’s the sort of feature in line with not being able to search map with the family color filters and requiring families to open every system and look through to check for intruders.