Aid spamming and server speed

I have a gripe that may or may not be related, but the game gets super super slow to load when others in the galaxy are spamming 1gc aid to fill news to block infils. It’s very obviously because of this when it happens. You can see the aid coming in when loading infils you have and you can notice the game load speeds slow to a crawl when your own family does it. When 3-4 players are doing it at once, it can easily take 30 seconds or more to load a single page.

Can we please get rid of the 100 item limit in infiltrates? There’s no way it actually helps the servers or anything since so many people will spam so many page requests because it’s limited.

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Unfortunately, removing that limit would make server load worse as we’d be overloading the db for every infil and/or request to news. We’d trade better performance for any time players aid-spam for worse performance any time players read their own news.

The larger issue here to me is that sending aid takes so long. :grimacing: We should be able to support more than a handful of simultaneous aid requests.

As a short term fix, we can limit how frequently a single player can send aid. I’ve added Rate-limit aiding to #roadmap:to-do.

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Limiting aiding frequency works for me as an improvement! Something like 5 or 10 times per minute should probably never get in the way of anyone trying to cover a family infil. It still would let you cover infiltrates, which I’m not a fan of since it adds extra steps to the game: requiring copying information you want onto your computer and camping out at the start of each tick to check it.

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We could just fix the underlying issue of infil only showing the last 100 parts of news

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Infiltrate:* Some of your brave agents will try to infiltrate the targets news network. If they succeed they will deliver all the news they get their hands on right to you for several weeks.

I think perhaps (if we hold to the old funky lore) the effect might be more accurate if we got rid of the hundred years of news (or 10% of the round) and only gave the news starting that tick - and maybe 8 ticks from then on.

Omg… people would have to learn to eyeball shit.
No more casting one op and know what is in someone’s colostomy bag for 4.17 days.


I got to thinking about this.
Considering this is being done intentionally to work around an intended game mechanic and it is causing noticeable performance issues.

Joo could implement instant empire deletion on anyone who did it.
One would assume the frequency of it would nosedive, prolly fall off entirely for 6 months after the first dipshit lost 150p and a family member slot.

Harsh sure - but it affects everyone.

just add a captcha to the aid page :smiley: “Are you a robot”

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:robot: :scream:

@Darrk your suggestion could work but we’d be punishing players when really we should be taking a hint from them. Instead of being harsh with them for exploiting the game to hide their news, we should embrace the concept and build around it.

For example, we could introduce a new op to prevent infils, and the same players who aid-spam to hide their news would have a better tool to do so during wartime.


On a more technical note, when I worked with SQL Server, virtual tables were an option to reduce load time. Stuff could be shuffled off to actual tables later or in the background. When I was last doing this, it wasn’t an option for MySQL, but maybe they’ve implemented that by now.


Isn’t that Op already called “Have more agents”?

That exists, yes, but it doesn’t mean it’s the best solution.

Counter-intelligence ops would provide users more defensive capabilities. You might be able to prevent an infil by agent count alone, but casting an op to hide news could make you certain that you will.

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Sure thing!
Could make Agent Potency a real stat too.

Would be a great launching point for a race composition overhaul.
Hell you could research Magic / Agent Effectiveness / Speed - you/stef did it for Res.
Sky is zeh limit.

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Thought about this a bit more.
People spamming to fuck infls are doing it to get around having to “have more agents”. They are min/maxers. Seems unlikely having an op they have to spend agents or even cash to cast would stop them. They are already circumventing an aspect of the game, why would the option to pay prevent them from continuing to do so?

Most of the time this is being done is to prevent the targeted dood from having to have agents in the first place, let alone enough to carry/build agents to cast an evasion op on themselves.

Yep, if players want a super cheap way to negate infils, then a new op alone won’t solve that. Rate-limit aiding should be enough to thwart that though.

Another short term fix is just reverting news back to time-based instead of count-based and solving whatever performance issues that causes. We should do that anyway.


Do you have an update on which you may be picking @I_like_pie?

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If you think about it logically, An agent wouldn’t infiltrate an empire, hang around for 100 things to happen and then leave.

They would infiltrate for a period of time.

Infiltrate used to be super useful, its now pretty useless.

Surely aid limiting would just mean that people will come up with a new way of hiding their news e.g. building 1 soldier at a time, 1 cf at a time etc.

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@TheBigOne I’d like to do both: rate limit aiding + revert to time based.

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