Race Versions

As part of a larger effort to update races, I am planning to add race versions. Instead of just changing details, we would define separate versions of the feature as a whole, with point allotments being the most obvious variation. In this way, how races work would itself would be a galaxy setting.

For example, IC has always had 120 race points. That’s just what we know. If we wanted to change this to say, 150 points, we would define that as a new version of races. Let’s get even crazier and say that there are no standard races at all. That’s another version. There are infinite possibilities.

When Supernova had Qezians we were already doing this, but not in a way that scales. Building this properly would let us re-introduce galaxies that are limited to specific race types.

Some examples:

There is literally no limit. With this, we also could for example have Camaar v1 one round and Camaar v2 in another, and eventually figure out the most balanced standard races and point caps.

It would also allow for other ideas to be possible, like:

We wouldn’t need to go nuts with this either, and we shouldn’t. We don’t want to confuse everybody, but if we had this feature in place we could start adjusting how races impact the game without having to write game-wide code every time.

This would also be something that players could experiment with in their custom galaxies. This takes our existing Race Creator feature a step further by making race parameters themselves configurable in the Galaxy Creator.

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Very nice idea, Pie. I like it.

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Could we buff Standard Races by 30 points? Also, attacking versions of a Partax or Revalon would be interesting.

Just a bump to bump :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I think if they were to have attacking versions of Revlon’s and pax. You are still gonna have to give and take. What makes the Revlon’s unique is there higher econ stat. If you added attack stat what else would have to be taking away. Unless it was a gal with all the premade buffed up. No need to have everything OP

we need ppl to vote on this if we want quezian back