Normalize standard and custom races

Atm Standard races offer specific perks that customs cannot attain. +200% speed, for example.

This makes some of them very powerful, creating an imbalance.

Instead, we could normalize all races across a common race point allowance, making it so that the Standard races reflect suggested builds, rather than having perks that you have to sacrifice for customization.

seems like a good idea, from my experience the only over powered race is the partaxian, and it become over powered when ops became moral dependant.

The default races should be pretty close to custom races, but not exact.
Keep in mind there will be ops selected, or bonuses on a default race which a player may not really use or take advantage of, whereas a custom race can be min/maxed to a somewhat extreme level.
An option however might be to limit how many negative points can be used on a custom race, but either way the default races should be somewhat special, even if it’s only a token 10-20% points bonus compared to standard races.
Or maybe some unique techs and units should be available for the defualt races?

maybe a break up of ops and % could be worked out

like if you use so many points towards %'s you can only chooose so many ops, or what not if you all get what im getting at?