Remove point cap on custom races


I like this idea this idea, but to see it truly be interesting would require more benefits to custom races. Apart from custom CF banking in order to get useful ops or more research, or custom attacker races (for the same reason), the standard races have built in specialties that a custom race can’t compete with. Camaar has speed, Partaxian gets the magic boost + OH, Revalon has +10% income, Quantam research advantage as well as a variety of ops, and Wardancers get to be laughably bad. The cap on custom stats hinders the variety that could be used.

Maybe remove the cap on stats, but make each 10% over 50% cost double the rp. Theoretically someone could have a race with 160% attack bonus, but negative everything else and no ops or droids :stuck_out_tongue:

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Race Versions
Shareable Races

I think you’re right on the money regarding standards being OP. At the very least we should normalize the points such that a custom could re-create a standard and then adjust it slightly as needed.

Removing the cap entirely though is very interesting way to achieve the same goal :thinking:. I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on that one. I’ve moved this into its own thread so it can be voted on and discussed on its own merits.



Wait, I get it.


Removing the cap would make a race like (and this is just my first go).

-30 Inc
-30 Pop
-30 Mag
-30 Research (just like Cams)

+50 Attack
+240 Speed

IP, PI, No Fear. (pick whatever 2 ops you like).

My gut says it wouldn’t break the game.

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It would allow people to create a custom race that specializes in a way that we haven’t seen before.




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i like the idea of at least being able to match a pre-made race with the custom build tool. i think uncapped would make the pre-made races obsolete

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Going to respond to El Jefe himself here, as I mainly have one remark;
Caps go both ways, right? Does that mean I can go -200% Income and Pop growth and just go nuts with Research, Attack, Magic, Speed?

Or are we going to keep the cap on -30%? I’d say -50% would be a nice change of pace. If I’m going full out Magic with resources, -50% Income and -50% Pop Growth would definitely change things up.

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That’s a good question. I do think we’d need some kind of penalty limit, so that a player can’t drop income to say -5000% to get a crazy attack bonus.

I’m not sure what that specific limit is though. We’d have to test it out, which will be dependent on Race Versions.



What happens at over -100%? At -100% income you would make zero regardless of how many cf or pop.



Well, I like where you’re going because technically you’re correct, the best kind of correct.
-200% would mean in fact you’d have to pay as much money as a CF produces for every CF you build. And that you would be owing for all the pop you grow. Which would be a very interesting way to go when you’re looking at all angles. It would offer a very strange dimension to the game.
It would also mean -110% Research would mean you’d have to pay RP’s for every kind of science you try to generate. And -110% pop growth would just be genocide =]

I think a max of -50% on anything would be the lowest to go. If you go lower, it can offer a real chance to entirely specialize your race, but would mean the differences between players could become enormous. Anyone with -100% attack would mean you could attack people, but it will be futile. You’d be arming yourself with storm troopers.
-100% magic would result in offering you the possibility to hire some people would no actual skills.
-200% magic would mean they’d so incompetent at magic they’d end up doing card tricks for octarine.

But I like where this all is going, huge potential for some drastic changes to the game play.



One side effect of removing point caps is that it further promotes speacialisation.

could just reduce points available for custom races and drop the bonuses for the premade races to be in line with custom cap.