Race options as a galaxy setting

Idea: Quezian race back in Supernova

Seeing the admin team struggle over and over again to find a nice balance in MW and somwhat fail to listen and try out smaller teams…, i truly wana go back to playing SS in supernova, but atm with the shitty race options for SS, this galaxy were so much more fun when we could play Quezian.

So please help me vote back the Quezian race for supernova!

+1 for SS gal without IA and with hardcore rules

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well this is trending :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, so if we mange to get enough votes and pie can set it up. I will make a custom galaxy for 1 man SS, hardcore christmas special :smiley: . with sick starting ressies and Sick aount of e ships :smiley:


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I personally like playing SS, even in a fam where I have a specific role, so this idea gets my vote.

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@I_like_pie what you say old skipper? will this be our Christmas gift this year?

Got a bit of time and have just been reading up the last few days.
The Queezys have been sitting in the back of the game for a really long time.
Kinda funny that he just let them go all maxed out (as far as I understand) in their orgianl state.

Totally lazy, but pretty funny.
I bet you guys loved 'em.

Who won the first Queezy round/s?

We really need this back

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This is clearly wanted!

This is going to happen, but it is dependent on Race Versions to work properly and in a way that requires minimal dev involvement in the long run.

We can consider this idea as accepted. However, ETA will determine on where Race Versions gets prioritized in our larger list.

Thanks all for your feedback here.


It’s been awhile…

…anyway, going through some old things here. The Race Versions idea is being shelved for now, as the race feature as a whole is being rethought.

That means that we can get Qez-only SN sooner than later. There is still some work needed to limit a galaxy to only specific races, but it’s not a huge task.

This is being re-titled as “Race options as a galaxy setting” as this will be applicable to other race/galaxy permutations.

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Added to roadmap here.