Planet-Size Protection Threshold

We will be adding a galaxy setting for a minimum number of planets an empire must have in order to be attacked.

This will primarily serve to ease new players into the game without requiring a dedicated training galaxy to do so, so they can naturally progress into the real game.

Edit: Forgot to mention, attacking while under this protection will waive it. Important detail! :open_mouth:

I think this could be abused … players can explore in enemies core at BOR and wont be able to be cleared as long as they stay under the planet size threshold.


Yep that will very much be possible. Families will need to plan accordingly.

Note that this feature will likely not be used in Milky Way any time soon.

Like the idea, but as pickle says this could be abused. Maybe making it like the old 35% rule, that if they attack while under x planets this protection no longer exists.

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This galaxy is Infinitum and right now attacking will be as easy as pie should anyone dare to be so aggressive.

I do not think that this should ever be instituted in MW nor in hardcore galaxies. While expo phase attacking is generally frowned upon, it is still a valid legal tactic. That should not change in most galaxies.

@Dukey definitely! I forgot to mention that, good catch. :+1:

add in a ‘this counts only for planets within x-camaar ticks from HS’ and everyone will be oke.

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