Galaxy shake-ups! Infinitum, Supernova, Manthano, and more

Our recent #infinitum test proved to be successful, and we will be starting it alongside #milky-way-69.

Instead of having families as originally planned, it will be a solo galaxy. This will replace Supernova, at least initially, and set the stage for the new Official Alliances.

It will also replace #manthano as the never-ending galaxy, with Manthano’s econ-focus being planned for via the Short recurring econ-only galaxy.

Lastly, a new protection mechanism will be added to help new players in Infinitum in which they can not be attacked until they pass a planet count threshold. Infinitum will thereby also be replacing Manthano as the training ground for new players, while still being a competitive galaxy for those who pass the protection threshold.


i dont see quezian race here yet… :stuck_out_tongue:

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So much good news in one post! Thanks Pie!!!

Woot Woot

Count me in!