Pie lives in a bubble

Pie if you quote me do it correctly, I said:

Everyone can have their opinion but if you don’t understand why NW does not matter and size is everything that matters then you’ll never be able to compete.

I highlighted the part you missed to quote and as you can see it is a crucial part of the quote.

I quoted the part that is relevant, the additional context doesn’t change that you are stating your own opinion as fact, when it isn’t.

Okay I will just leave you in your bubble.

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Solid counter point. :man_shrugging:

I’ll let others be the judge of that, bubbleboi

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Is this really where the conversation goes to?

I’m not sure why you’re so hostile towards me for having my own take on the matter. All I’m saying is that both opinions are valid. There are no personal insults coming from me to you.

Relax, dude. It’s all good.

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with you it does appareantly.

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Well, I’m feeling fine on my end and am not the one devolving towards insults. I’ve got not ill will towards you, and I hope you eventually feel less contention.

Here’s a pie :pie: if it helps.

you can shove that pie down your own fat fucking mouth.

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Wow…Just wow…

Ban ban ban!!!

I would, but you know, I’m kinda busy over here.


lol omg

wtf just happened?


edit :stuck_out_tongue:He’s just mad, crazy, bananas.

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“Alright Bubble Boy. Let’s just play.”

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Don’t cry, baby, don’t cry, don’t cry.

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