Ops incorrectly bypass 35% nw protection

I am only 24% of the networth of my opponent…I did not attack nor op in days…but I got
attacked and only nuked my planets… so what gives?

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We’ve received similar reports lately and are still looking into it. Did you trade any planets with family members recently?

no planets traded… but I did op him a few times…but after a few days was still attacked
I thought he would not be able to retaliate after three days…


Still not fixed.

Transport [xx,xx:x(https://imperialconflict.com/planets/view.php?galaxy=76&planet=xx,xx:x)
3BearEmpire #7154 T-2

I should not be able to send this fleet. Im 85k he is 23k.

Fix it pls

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They’ve committed an offensive action within the last 48 hours, so they’re fair game.

It seems though that we should include more clear messaging around this.

I’ve found the issue here: certain ops are tripping the “last offensive action” update when they shouldn’t be.

I’ll post here when it’s fixed.

is it PI, IP or infiltrate?

It was multiple.

I’ve updated ops and spells so that they no longer remove protection status, even hard ops. Given that the 35% rule is a restriction on triggering fleets, and not ops, it doesn’t make sense that using any ops ever resulted in giving up the protection.

We could make ops also be effected by the nw restrictions, but that’s a conversation for #roadmap:brainstorming.

The bug as it is here has been fixed.


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