Should ops be impacted by the 35% nw limit?

A bug was recently discovered in which casting soft spells/ops would remove an empire’s NW-based protection against larger empires, as the game incorrectly saw it as an aggressive action.

It’s since been fixed, by removing the “aggressive action” update from any spells or ops.

The reason for this is that the effects of nw restriction only apply to triggering fleets, not ops. If the 35% rule doesn’t prevent an aggressor from using ops on you, then as a defender you shouldn’t have to give up your protection by reciprocating.

This presents a question for us:

Should Ops and Spells be impacted by the 35% rule?

If no, things can stay as they are.

If yes, we can re-add the “offensive action” update back to hard ops for the defender, so that using hard ops gives up their protection. However, we would also need to add the corresponding 35% nw restriction for the aggressor using the same ops, which would be a new feature.

My current plan is to keep things as they are, but as usual your thoughts are welcome.