No Games running WTF

Who wants to log onto a game find there’s only one universe and that chats mandatory
And sit around chatting wtf no wonder nobodies playing and noob training wasn’t always mandatory I could go either way on that as people returning can’t join am already started round or even worse find there’s nobody playing wtf is this IC the world of chat gaming haha here we just talk about the game that’s not running :joy:

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You need to relax.

Hi @Voices,

BE3 was planned to have been running still, but the players decided to end it early.

Please be patient while we sort out the details for the next round.

Thank you.

@Voices if you had performed better in be3 maybe you would be playing instead of whining. I think it should mandatory that the losing fam go back to virgo!

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If I have to go back to Virgo, I’d be adding to my firewall blocked sites list and having done with it

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The thought made me laugh, but no we wouldn’t do that haha. :italianspidermanguy:

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@Orbit Voices didn’t join BE3 until the team already started deleting.
I see the keyboard warriors are still in the forum 20 years later.


Let’s keep it civil please.

It is a valid concern if no galaxies are running. However, giving players the ability to end rounds early is inherently disruptive to our galaxy planning process.

We will brainstorm on ways to adjust for this. Suggestions are welcome in #ideas.