Next SS Galaxy

Depends if we get small active families

Just thinking about expansion feature and what ifs…

What if I expo 20 systems, portal asap and other players do the same, but then players stop mass exploring, because they do not want to give easy planets to others?

What if players choose to form IA to avoid above mentioned exploration hinderance? Expo one planet per system and portal fast, until all systems are explored, then continue exploring each others’ systems. Soon your IA has outgrown everyone else. Not that far fetched theory, because I suspect this kinda IA from last SS round. Only 2 players in there then, but I bet expansion feature would make people willing to try to outwit the system.

I’d rather not have expansion feature.

Just a note: less players does not increase the competitiveness of players. Its just less overall. Nobody knows if the most competitive players are also the first ones to join the galaxy…

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Two tieres system, top 15 from this round get invited to a championship round, then open another qualifier… bottom 5 from championship round will be dropped, too 5 from qualifiers added to the next championship round

But what are you classing as top 15?
Top 15 in Networth or Top 15 in Size?

Also there was only really 10-15 active people anyways.

People seem to like size these days, but we do need a better scoring system… and top 10 then?

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I agree score should take on planets networth and population into account.

I guess it depends on how you play to what wins
even in SS I play offensively and always see planets as the win. a wise man once said to me “it’s imperial conflict not imperial defend and infa whore”


Meh let’s start already

Just make it a game 1 week expo newbie 3 weeks attack

Issue is that attitude has been taken too far and so now no one wants to play if you can’t be on 24/7… and we get to the situation of 20 people maybe wanting to play…

Size win === who can log in the most wins

That is not skilful, that is having no life

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That isn’t having no life, that is being able to use your time well to play a game…right?
This isn’t original IC anymore, we can access from our cell phones for a couple minutes every hour.


Surely a game that has real life turns will give advantage to someone how logs in more,
If your not active your a banker or a rezzer
If you are active you are an attacker
And if it’s SS you need to be all so surely you need to be more active to win, just the way the game work?
not sure how you could make handicaps for active people to make it fair for people “with a life”
If that was the case we would log in just once a day… then never…

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Then you get a game with 10 people who play… which us 0 fun…

I am not suggesting that size and planets have no meaning… nw shows your ability at econ and strategy, size your ability at attacking and tactics… but having skill at IC is greater than that, so why rely on either of those to determine a winner? Neither show your ability to have great diplo, nor ability to run a team… both super important to winning as a fam

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Likely solo, yeah.

It should open up for registration with details this Saturday.

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