Next SS Galaxy

Its that time again with about 3 days left of the Supernova Galaxy. Lets here you ideas on the next Solo Galaxy

Personally, I’d be interested in playing a shortened SS gal. Maybe something that’s a couple weeks long. :woman_shrugging:

Only if you get to start with multiple planets and buildings. Otherwise all you get to do is small fry attacks and round ends.

EDIT: or faster ticks, not sure if they are even possible atm - not seen chaos server or the other one in a while

4 weeks and 30x starting res, let’s go

I think an infra competition would be cool, don’t think it has been done before. Lets see who is most proficient. 3 week round with 3 week attack delay :).


Maybe a two week attack delay and you have my vote…

Opposing infra competition. It has been that for 2 rounds now. Boring.

From SN41 thread:

Constructive criticism:

Expo phase lasted too long again, perhaps because we did not have every spot filled and everyone did not compete.

Make less spots into next SS galaxy. Perhaps 20 is enough to get everyone in, who really want to compete? Or just make the galaxy smaller in amount of planets.

Small systems are good, because then ppl like me can not hoard so many planets with one portal in there.


Reduction all around then?

3 weeks instead of 4
20 spots instead of 40
80x80 instead of 100x100

We also have the ability to reduce construction costs on units. It would serve a similar purpose as fast ticks, but through a different means.

I’m hearing some of this feedback generally as “Supernova would be better a faster and smaller round”, which we can definitely design around.


I think 3 weeks is not enough. No time to fight after expo phase.

IF all 20 players would be active, they would explore roughly 1000 planets per week. With 3 week round, galaxy should not have more than 1500 planets. And with 5 planet systems, that would mean 300 systems.

With 4 week round there could be 2500 planets and 500 systems and still time to fight it out after expo phase.

Of course tweaking with expo max per day or giving more of them in the start would make a difference.


We could also drop the cost and time to build, even making them free if we wanted.

Thoughts on that? It would make explo phase crazy fast and potentially get people more mixed amongst each other after initial expansion.

There’s also this feature that we built for infinitum but haven’t used anywhere else:

Between cheap/fast explo and the expansion setting, we could set the stage for far more action.

What do you guys think of this approach?

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Ya we need more time to attack just expo hahaha

Expo phase definitely went on to long

I’m saying expo 2 weeks attack 2-3 but idk

Depends if we get small active families

Just thinking about expansion feature and what ifs…

What if I expo 20 systems, portal asap and other players do the same, but then players stop mass exploring, because they do not want to give easy planets to others?

What if players choose to form IA to avoid above mentioned exploration hinderance? Expo one planet per system and portal fast, until all systems are explored, then continue exploring each others’ systems. Soon your IA has outgrown everyone else. Not that far fetched theory, because I suspect this kinda IA from last SS round. Only 2 players in there then, but I bet expansion feature would make people willing to try to outwit the system.

I’d rather not have expansion feature.

Just a note: less players does not increase the competitiveness of players. Its just less overall. Nobody knows if the most competitive players are also the first ones to join the galaxy…

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Two tieres system, top 15 from this round get invited to a championship round, then open another qualifier… bottom 5 from championship round will be dropped, too 5 from qualifiers added to the next championship round

But what are you classing as top 15?
Top 15 in Networth or Top 15 in Size?

Also there was only really 10-15 active people anyways.

People seem to like size these days, but we do need a better scoring system… and top 10 then?

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