New player from the Netherlands


New player, curious on how this game plays. Little to none experience with games, more a pen and paper roleplayer or creating new worlds (just in written campaigns, mostly for DnD 3.5 or D20 Stargate settings)

History with Imperial Conflict

Found out about Imperial Conflict through a Google Search where I was looking for something like Planetarion (played it many years ago when that game was still new and fresh :wink: ).

Hoping to have some fun in exploring the possibilities of this game and perhaps have a go at some serious gaming if it feels alright.

Other Hobbies

I into my third year to get my teachers permit for primary school in the Netherlands. In the past I ran a store (GW) and I love almost everything Sci-fi and Fantasy. Though my wife still looks strange to me when I am comfortable in my hobby zone :wink:

Thanks for reading!

Looking forward to a pleasurable experience and curious on how this game will develop. Cheers, Nayamek


Welcome new player. Glad you found us. Hmmm Have you found the discord server. Game plays in 1 hr turns or ticks.

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Hi @Jets
Just trying to read through some FAQ’s and trying to get a feel for the game. I think I will need some patience and find out a way to manage my game (eg when to log in and manage the various tasks). As I wrote before, curious how this game will commence :slight_smile:


Greeting @Ephrelia !
This is still one of the most valuable resources in the game. Things have changed over time, but on a whole it is vastly comprehensive, and probably over 98% accurate.

The community is usually quick to help an active new player.

Good Luck!


This thread has video’s and is currently prob a good place to start :slight_smile:


Hell yes!

@Ephrelia - @HydroP 's video tutorial is awesome.

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Yeah I was just going to link hydros videos. Great place to start with the guide. Or just bug us all and we will help.



I didn’t even think you were playing anymore. :open_mouth:


I’m “playing” infin. I dont have a computer but once I do I’ll be playing again. You missed my stint as a leader :joy::joy::joy::joy: didnt last long and I (with help from torqez and genesis) killed off pretty much my entire team :joy: then I had to dissapear.

I’ve been playing mafia every game though so, I’m around :heart:



@Genesis and @Torqez are two really good players to learn from.
Girrrl you have essentially hit the IC Lottery with your randoming skillz.


You couldn’t understand the grasps of what this game is from a video, or even from playing a round. This game isn’t about what happens in game from round to round. The depth of the actuality of what makes this game what it is much deeper than what it may appear on the outer shell. Once the outer layer is peeled away with layer after layer peeled afterwards what you are left with is. The core of this game is the community, and the friends made along the way. The rivals that seem to get in your way from round to round. Many of us have known each other thru this game for years and others not as long that ,but bonds still form. Glad to have you around and hope we all get to know you along your journey.


Well… if that doesn’t put him off, nothing will!

If you’re open to spending time learning and speaking to players, @Ephrelia, then you’ll have a great time. Just ignore @Jets :wink:

No problem, I understand that to get a feel of the game it will take some time to get familiar with all options.
And scaring away… I choose to become a teacher of children aged 4-13… I definitely do hope that I am not scared that easily :wink:
Have fun and keep in contact :+1:


Are you familiar with discord? It’s a chat. Anyways, the majority of us use it for general chat and teams make their own chats, etc.

Might be useful if you have more questions or want to jump more in to the community


Look at jets being all sappy :100::heart: he’s right though


He @Tishxo not familiar with discord, though trying to get into there right now. Will start with Ephralia, might change name at later time. Thanks for the invite :wink:

Welcome @Ephrelia!

Your paper roleplaying experience will translate well. It’s not as prevalent anymore, but RP is definitely part of what we do too.

Please don’t hesitate to ask specific questions in #support:questions. Also, good luck with your teacher’s permit. Much respect for being an educator!