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After having spoken with Pie and getting his sign-off on this I am going to be starting a new dual-mode Youtube series for Imperial Conflict.

One phase will be Youtube Player Interviews in which I will conduct 1-on-1 interviews of players and help the community to get to know them better. This is going to be more “my” thing and is purely based around engaging the community of players we have and hopefully building a community of people that will stick around for years to come.

The other phase will be the Imperial Conflict Guides. For this particular phase of videos I will be selecting topics and doing guides and breakdowns on a wide assortment of topics. For instance, my first topic is going to be the Basic Game Functionality. This video will be designed to help answer any new players questions on how to navigate through the game and all of its different pages and items. Who knows, maybe a veteran will learn something new in this video.

The thing is, I would like for 2 things from the community in helping me with this particular phase.

  1. It would be of great help if I could get topic ideas. This can be anything from simply explanations on how things work with something like attacking/defending to complex economic strategies to self-sufficient play or whatever else you can think of.
  2. I would love to see some other players either do some videos themselves on their specific strategies within the game, or explain to me via sitdown or document exactly how their strategy or other information works for them and I will make a video for that as well.

Everyone has their own ways, ideas, and kinks to this game that makes it diverse. A lot of us would like to see our competition get better so that the rounds become more fun and entertaining. That starts with educating new and existing players.

So please, start throwing out topic ideas. I will then compile a list of these things and maybe we can have a vote session on the order of videos that I will put out.


how do I attack?

How do I keep from being attacked?

watching @Jets carefully now

No worries we are napped

So here is the first video out of production. I admit this video is a bit rough but it is my first one doing this and I will adjust and get better.

Also, I will be purchasing the software soon and get rid of that annoying watermark.

What I would love is if someone was able to make an intro video that is IC themed that I could start all of them with. Get with me?


Everyone needs to share this. And any other players IC projects should be shared also. This is only going to help the IC community grow folks. Support each other instead of tearing each other down. That’s my 2 cents.


Video 2:


Video 3:


Not gonna lie This is my first round back. I been playing all round without knowing you could select different fams on the top of the map. I was only using the feature on the left the drop down. Thanks to your video you made me a better player.

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Thanks Jets, glad it could help someone!

Video 4: Final video of the Basic Functionality Series


So as of right now here is my schedule for videos -

Unit, Building and Ops Series:

  1. Unit Types and Their Uses
  2. Building Types and Their Uses
  3. Special Operations Breakdown
  4. Wizard Spells Breakdown

IC Roles Series:

  1. Pop Banker
  2. CF/TO Banker
  3. CF/RC Banker
  4. Resourcer
  5. Main Attacker
  6. Support Attacker
  7. Self-Sufficient
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