New Fam-Based SS Galaxy - Signups!

Okay! Thanks to @Jets and @I_like_pie, this idea from @Parrot is becoming a reality! SS fam based Galaxy

This will be a Custom Galaxy, and what we are thinking of doing, is starting an interest thread, to see how many people will sign up. We will then decide on fam size, player counts, and map size accordingly.

Galaxy Philosophy

For a while now, IC has evolved into some really efficient fam-based play. However, this is typically a bit more ‘boring’ of a style of play, where the fam is run by 1-3 key individuals, and the rest just become ‘dead’ empires, logging in to only build and send aid. This method is efficient for growth of a fam, but in general quite boring and loses individualism.

An idea to combat this, is to play Self-Sufficient. However, even in today’s SS style, it’s extremely isolated and as we have seen in Infinitum, tends to not purely be SS.

Hence, we aim to create a Galaxy where you are fully responsible for your own empire, however, as this is still a social game, we will have Families where you have to still work together towards common goals and objectives.

Key Galaxy Features

  • Self Sufficient (SS) Play
  • Race = Qezians
  • Fam Size = TBD (Depends on Signups/Interest)
  • No Market
  • No Aiding Fam
  • Galaxy Length = TBD (Depends on Signups/Interest)
  • Map Size = TBD (Depends on Signups/Interest)


  1. Torqez
  2. Parrot
  3. Jets
  4. Frenzy
  5. Dukey
  6. Daffy
  7. exceed
  8. Zeraph
  9. Vegnarok
  10. Luker5969
  11. schniepel
  12. MArcus11
  13. Swagga
  14. Easyway
  15. Ordos234
  16. Nightwish
  17. Protoss
  18. TIF
  19. WhiteShadow
  20. Masse
  21. Player1
  22. Lone_Cat
  23. Pitbull
  24. The_Unknown
  25. You_Fool
  26. Warsie
  27. rizzy
  28. thirdrock
  29. Vicious
  30. SittingBull
  31. Ocho
  32. Zeratel
  33. Schnapp
  34. oldie
  35. Daylight
  36. Vorkosigan
  37. tymo
  38. Ghostface
  39. Admetus
  40. MTG_Dad

Count me in. I love abit of SS

Yes plz =D

Sign me up!


Ohhhhhh, nice idea!

Count me in!

Im game



i’m in

get me in


Im up for this

In :slight_smile:

I’m keen

I’m up for it

Sign me up

I’m in. Does this still list me as LoneCat.

I’m down :muscle:

love the idea hope its still on when i have more time

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