SS fam based Galaxy

Ic currently runs 2 competitions galaxy and 1 forever galaxy.

MW is fam based and requires a of activity and anyone who doesnt join the team play running a fam bank strat is considered a liability and thus very new player unfriendly. there have been many cases that a new player is killed off as they are unable to play to that standard.

Supernova is a solo ss galaxy where fams are of single empire. For veterans at the game it is a good galaxy to play if they dont have the activity for MW but can hold their own while playing at their own pace. However it is still not friendly to a new player as they will easily be farmed and there are a lack of guidance on most of the more advanced game mechanics.

My suggestion is to change Supernova to a fam based ss galaxy. what it means is all aiding and market is disabled but a fam could consist of 4-6 players. The difference this makes is that the ss players in the same fam could work towards a common goal, defend the same core, fight wars against another fam but could also play at their own pace. due to the nature of it being ss based fams the strength disparity will be much less as it would take away con science jumps which the most actives fams can pull off. This will also be good for new players as they could join and be taught by veterans and not be shoved into a boring fam bank based role. They would also be able to explore and build in a safe core the fam carved out so player retention could be much higher.

Single player fams ss galaxy can still be ran at intervals for those who do enjoy that experience.


This is an awesome idea. A lot of players even in the past, liked to quietly SS, and build their own empires. It means you don’t have to reduce yourselve to just aiding all day, or taking planets, etc. You have to put a bit of thought into your own empire and figure out what to do.

Being in a Fam, gives you the same support structure where you work towards a common goal. This is a social game after all.

But then disabling aid, makes sure you are fully responsible for your own empire - no matter what you want to focus on.

Would definitely play it!

This is actually something I talked about in chat with Pie and Mrblonde some time ago as well. Needless to say, I like it a ton!!!

I always liked going SS for this reason. A highly active fam right now in MW can be seen as one entity where 1 or maybe 2 determine the strategy and the rest just follows orders, reducing the other players to carry out orders like a robot. While this is necessary to be competitive in MW, it can also take away the fun of the people who are just following the orders let alone the new players joining.

Yep, this is the main problem. Individuality is completely lost. And this isn’t new. The natural eveolution of team based, and then fam based bank system is what caused it. Most efficient, yet extremely boring for many of the members.

Exactly, I think we’ve been there to see that evolution first hand. Also the reason I stopped playing back in the day.

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What about instead of no market there is a fixed market where each resource has a permanently set price to buy and sell at. That way there would be more freedom to try different races and strategies without allowing market aiding.

What about no different races and all the same race? (Qezians)

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Just my opinion. We’ve done this before, and is a good idea. We’ve also had it before with randomly changing prices in the market, so it adds a degree of variability.

However, it doesn’t fit this idea in this thread. The purpose of having no market, is that you’re based and fully self reliant on everything yourself.

Your idea is not bad, but just resorts to something different. E.g. you’ll have pure bankers, vs pure attackers (-30% attack, is very different to 50% attack). Then that brings in a different dynamic to playstyle.

I approve of this idea. No market, no aid… just SS all the time…

Mr Warsong talked about this same thing at some point like 5-6 years ago (old forum), so I might be able to convince him to come back if we had a galaxy like this…

Isn’t this how the first Supernova was?

I don’t remember using the market at all back then anyway.

I can’t help but feel the problem you will have with this though is UA is still a thing.


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There has never been a round with no market as far as I remember…

UA, or the perceived issue with them is a player base issue, when it was IA it was still there and never went away, no matter what you might like to think. Having it out in the open is a good way to go, the players have just got to get used to it (or like me decide not to have the time)

I think there’d be a lot of people who’d return for something like this. (Would also need to fix the Op issue too though ( Variable Spell and Op morale cost), imo


i want a galaxy that is completely SS as mcuh as possible it would last either 6 weeks or 4 weeks.

you would not be able to see rankings
you would not be able to see how many planets people have other than through FTP
you would not be able to see what their NW is.
I think i want a market but it would probably be better off without one.

sorry - forgot, bring back qezians

there were rounds where the market was fixed and not based on players.


You could make a custom gal and people could join it :heart_eyes: