Needed - Missing Foundation

Guys, I think we are missing two very important documents from the past, that may help some of the things that we are seeing crop up of late.

  1. The TnT 48 hour nap.
    When this document was released, it became the standard of diplomacy.
    It had compensation for violations for every infraction.
    It walked hand in hand with the Code of Honor.

  2. The Code of Honor.
    This was a comprehensive document about the treatment of conflict.
    Not all of the points are fully viable today, as the game has changed.
    This document gave us a foundation of standards.

When combined together, the two documents were a powerful deterrent to many of the things we see today. With old players returning in a trickel, and the modern game with its less organized structure, it might be time for something like this to be reviewed and updated for the current game.

With a modern take on these old documents both the more and less experienced players will will have a foundation of what to work with and what to expect.

An example from the TnT nap was:

During the duration of the NAP:

1 planet will be paid in compensation for a failed op.
1 planet will be paid in compensation for a failed attack.

2 planets planet will be paid in compensation for successful op.
2 planets planet will be paid in compensation for successful attack.

(There was more)

Everyone used this document.
It became so generic that ingame messages wouldn’t even include the document any longer.
People would just say
“48 TnT Nap”.
and then
“48 hours, standard terms”
and then
“48 hours”
and then
and now
“Perm Nap”

If anyone has either a memory of these documents, (or actual copies!!) please post them and perhaps we can get them updated and back into use.

The way you get them back into use, is to simply start using them.

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TNT NAP version 2.3 between <family> and <family>

Attacks of any sort, including agent and wizard operations, of one family on the other are forbidden, except by prior arrangement (as for a planet trade).

Planets lost to any forbidden attack will have to be returned with an extra planet as compensation. Failed attack will have to be compensated by one planet per attack except for the first from a player.

Damaging agent and wizards ops will be compensated each with the cession of a planet to the damaged empire. It is the attacked/opped/spelled families responsibility to message the leader as well as the aggressor to ask for compensation within 48 hours, once 48 hours have passed and no message has been sent to the offensive family, compensation will not be required.

If compensation is not paid forth after 48 hours after the notification to leader and topp vice of the offensive action, the NAP is considered NULL AND VOID. In which case, after 48 hours is up and no compensation has been paid forth, a message to the Leader and 2 VLs to state that the nap has been voided will be required before any attacks will be allowed, unless the leaders of either family reach an aggreement before 48 hours is up to agree to any additional time limit to allow compensation to be paid forth.
If the notification of the offensive action is not sent the first 48 hours after the attack no compensation has to be payed and the NAP can not be voided.

This NAP has no cores.

This NAP may be revoked with 48 full weeks (RL hours) notice, with counting beginning at the start of the first tick after notice of revocation is given to the other family (in other words, if notice of revocation is given a few minutes into Week 1 of any year, then the count starts on the first moment of Week 2 and ends with the last moment of Week 49, and Week 50 is the first tick that the NAP is no longer in force). The NAP has to be canceled by msg the leader and the topp 2 vice in each involved family.

If allies are attacked by the opposing tri with an uneven number like 2-1, 3-1 or 3-2 odds ( this does not apply when 1 family attacks 2 or 2 attack 3) then the NAP can be canceled with immediate result during the next 24 hours after the war has started. This can only be done if more than 10 attacks by the allies helping out happened the last 24 hours. Normal cancelation time does not apply in this case. If one of the fams doing a 2-1 or 3-1 offer compensation they cant be voided upon. All planets taken have to be returned and 1 planet for each second failed attack has to be payed in addition.


I don’t recall every seeing a written Code of Honor, but that is not to say that it didn’t exist.

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All i could find is a reference for giving someone a book called “Honor for Dummies”

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Either Um wrote it after the massive fist NAP break by Smaug.
It was an ethical guideline put out after the Alphas by Mike/Stef

I may have you by a round at the start, but I was totally solo in a micro fam for like two weeks (we didn’t even have a leader), you were bam in the freaking Harks. After the first crash is when I randomed in with Umbri, Malo and the crew (that’s when I attacked him, idk, he was purple). If you don’t know about it, I think we are about fucked on that one for now.

Also, btw -

  1. Loved Darkwing Duck, the hopelessly effective superhero when I was a kid.
  2. Did you go by “DarkWing” ever? o.O
    If you don’t want to answer, please do not.
    I am very open to a private answer. =)
    There are some surprisingly ancient players I know that play today, and have simply changed their names. I hold them all in confidence.

Holy shiiiit!
Thank you thank you!
:trophy: Super work man! :trophy:

I started in a small family middle of MW Beta 3. Took leadership of family off and on through MW Beta 4. Joined the Harks in MW 1 just as most of the original Harks were retiring. Did get to play with many of them – and even Evael and Starstrike – in later custom galaxies and the round when drafting became legal and we repopulated an entire tri-alliance with Harks and Thugs.

Yes, I love Darkwing Duck, but no I was not the player called Darkwing. :frowning:
Actually various versions of Terror of the Night are the player name I’ve used more than any other.


Darkwing Duck was a great cartoon.

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What do naps look like these days

I’m confused, surely tnt is a standard nap unless stated otherwise in agreement

Kinda way to much litigation

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As the saying goes: As long as it works it works, as soon as it needs writing up it’s gone.

If I recall correctly, the Code of Honor was written down in beta 3 or 4.

Before that it was rather a kind of understanding especially between active and leading players. It was a rather loose understanding but probably came down to:

  1. It’s definely also the players’ responsiblity to have and to keep a good game that is fun for everybody. You can’t have a freaking rule for everything and admins/programers usually can’t cope with all what eg a 1000 players can come up with.
  2. Random attacks are fine but do not overdo it eg stop after having taken 10-20% of the target’s planets, so the player can easily recover. After all a round went around 3 month and everybody was supposed to have fun.
  3. Give new players a chance. Especially those with only a small amount of planets or when they have joined late. This was important since there were no restrictions and no “morale-formula” on attacks, so theoretically you were able to attack even a 2-planet empire with your 100-planet-empire.
  4. Respect duels and wars and don’t mingle in.

There were several games from which the initial player base of IC (including the admins) had migrated from which served as a bad example and initially the motivation was high to make IC different and to work for it to keep it that way.

In practice this meant, if players behaved ugly enough that it was talked about, leading players might sent him a message to ask him nicely to change his way of gaming.

Well, of course, such a message usually needed to be escorted by a full pack of fighters and droids to ensure that it got the necessary attention.

Nowadays I can’t believe that this would work. In hindsight I’d say those are typical beta occurences. A developed and older game needs to find proper mechanics to ensure this.
That’s not easy.
Economics, competition, the lust to win and game fun might find themselves completly contradicting. Just as an example in war it is really stupid/suicide to attack somebody of equal or higher strength. Instead you strive thru tactical and strategical planning to get the most possible best odds/power on your side when attacking. In a game, though, this is horrible for the loosing side and boring for the winning side. In a game you can and must set conditions and results to balance this.


That’s really well said, especially this:

There’s exactly where we fell; IC in its prime didn’t properly adapt to keep up with its players, and now we’re playing catch up in a huge way to repair design atrophy.

You can see in the #milky-way-68 threads that this is resulting in delayed growing pains as the community attempts to refind its moral center. That’s the reason this thread exists, after all.

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All I remember from TNT NAP was that it was easily lawyered and loopholes constantly used to void the NAP with any technicality available. I remember even making my own NAP terms based on it, with some safeguards which made voiding a bit harder.

Lawyering was usually something silly like; Fam A attacks fam B. Fam B does not ask comp on purpose and notifies fam A leader and 2 VLs of it. Fam B Waits 48hrs, voids the NAP with required messages and attackers have jumped fleet to be ready next or same tick. The comp was not required, but the NAP says if it was not paid, no matter if it was required or not, the NAP can be voided. It does not say specifically what notification is about. Fam A should have paid the comp even if it was not required to avoid voiding of the NAP.

Or, even if fam A offers comp to fam B, but fam B does not take the planets (stalls), it really has not been paid forth, only offered at that point, so yet again technically NAP can be voided after 48hrs of notifications.

More often it was just some n00b mistake of paying up one planet less than required. Then the receiving fam kept quiet, until they surprise voided the NAP after 48hrs, because comp was not payed up in full within 48hrs of notify. The excuse was that the initial aggressor should take care that comp is 100% surely paid or be voided on. Too bad, one planet ruined your whole round, learn to count.

Do these sound familiar to anyone?


It has been a very long time! :hushed:
It is really nice to see you here in this thread. :wine_glass::champagne:

If you did not know, Marie and I were married for 10 years. She always spoke well of you when we would reminisce about galaxies past. I will let her know you are alive (and hopefully quite well) the next time her and I correspond.

The NAP @Warken dug up is a far later iteration of the TnT nap then I have ever seen.
Appears many of the loopholes have been closed.
I agree however!
To a new player that document might as well be written in Phoenician.

A fair bit of this ^ (naturally acompli with gratis, if not copious - package sending) has been edging into the beloved pastime of greedily ogling my banker’s gleaming infra.

I look forward to engaging on this topic a bit more thoroughly later.
Today, I am rather regrettably pressed for time.


Not the Official Code of Honor, but from the same era with some of the same principles,

Tortuga Nebula Thugs Code of Conduct

  1. All important decisions to be put to a vote. Every family member has a vote in the affairs of the moment. If a quick decision is required the leader will decide, if possible he talks with the vice leaders before.
  2. Never attack one of your family members unless the whole family decide to do so. Or you have the permission of that member.
  3. Never attack allies or families we have a NAP with. Every member must pay attention about our foreign relations, so he always knows which families are friends.
  4. Attacks against smaller players/families are allowed. BUT the attacking player is responsible by himself, if this is no family war! This means, if you are attacked back as a retaliation, usually the family won ́t help you. So take care about your actions! Also take always notice of term 9.
  5. To be informed, all family members are strongly adviced to read our forum.
  6. If a member keep any secret from the family, he will be declared inactive and
  7. A NAP should only be made by the leader and vice leaders, after talking to the family.
  8. If you have been attacked you can take your planet back without asking the family. And if they are no allies or we have a NAP, you are allowed to compensate your losses by taking a FEW planets in addition from that player.
  9. Provokation of “big” players or families is prohibited, keep in mind with 8. If you have problems, talk to your family before. Always remember also small families can have big friends, so dont be thoughtlessness in your actions.
  10. If you have first contact (by attacking, etc.) with other families always write mail to explain your intentions.
  11. Family members, which don ́t care for the family and not playing serious will be declared inactive.
  12. All members should (if possible) participate in the family attacks.
  13. Planet trading with players outside the family needs the permission from
    the members also having planets in that system. Ask in our forum before.
  14. If a family member breaks the laws, he gets ONE warning. After breaking again will be declared inactive and attacked.
  15. All new players entering the family must have read the official guide before they post questions in our forum.

Rediscovered from old forums.
Original document located here.

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1,000% Agree

1,frillion% (I counted)
Agree more with same said bully fam doing it to try to force a “Permanent Nap” so you could never even try to get even.

The current idea of “Swapouts” is forced NAP payment, with meer locations predetermined.

Pathetic this has become a standard tactic by “the best” players around.
These freaking people think it is honorable.
They have convinced the new breed of players “this is best for you”.

Yup @I_like_pie you gotta step up and tell these kind of players to go fuck themselves and their demands.

Very well said 'ole bird. :cake:

Yes. Demanding planets for a NAP was not something I can ever recall pursuing with any of my IC families. There were aggressors who started wars and then asked for planets to end said wars. Our response was typically something along the lines of “Go To Hell,” followed by leading them on that journey with whatever fleet was left to muster.

Harkonnens, Tortuga Nebula Thugs and Monsters of Mayhem are stubborn yet proud folk. We never paid for peace, even if it meant fighting in a tri-alliance war all by ourselves.

@Terror_of_the_Night just get @Lord_Pickle in this thread and he will tell you how giving up 90 planets in “your core” to get 10 out of “their core” is perfectly reasonable demand for a 48 hour nap.

That or accept (lol!!) a Perm Nap so they never have to face a rebuilt fam. :astonished:

This is what they have made the word “honor” mean.

1/2 the current player base doesn’t even know any better.

I am more astonished by the older players hiding out in their families that just go along with that ^ bullshit as if their their mentors would have ever condoned it.

If you can’t clear them out of your core you don’t deserve to have them back.

@Lord_Pickle “The greatest attacker in modern IC history” folks.

This coming from a 3v1 CF Violating - mauling of one fam.
Followed by 3 deletions.
Followed by a 4 day, 11x protection mode Top 3 fams vs 1 player.

Followed up by an attempted 5v2 or 5v3 vs the other fams 10 days later.

Lol, oh yeah and some bullshit about @Lord_Pickle making some “Galactic Fairness council were all fams had to vote to have a war or would be 3v1ed by PA and his allies”.

In other words, a thinly veiled #chat for them to get free intel.

@Airwing will be here in a few seconds to make up some more bullshit - just you watch.