Names!/ New Rule

Attention everyone,

As a way to better make the game if IC more supportive for younger players we are and have been slowing moving to a PG status.

But even if we were not… I would still have an issue.

IF YOU think your empire name, ruler name, family name is inappropriate or not something acceptable to normal people, it needs to be changed.

If names are not acceptable by the start of ANY round, I will be changing them … to something awfully stupid and not part of any theme.

Keep this in FULL mind when you name yourself.

If this continues to be an issue with a family name, it will get changed and a warning, maybe two… AFTER THAT HOWEVER… I will start implementing bans on the leader, for obvious reasons.

You don’t like this new implement?
You wanna know where it’s in the rules?
You wanna complain in chat//fourms about how you can’t be mature?

Doesn’t matter, this is the full rule as of right now. Like it or don’t, this is how it’s going to happen from now on.

There is absolutely NO reason to be inappropriate.

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1984 :woozy_face:

Cool cool, just one little question @TheBigOne… what’s a theam?


I guess this is cool…but is there any way you can leave the name change up to the player?


I’m on board with this. I like creative names, but I honestly don’t want to be in a family whose name depends on genitals or slurs.

Before the round starts @kingray12 yes. After the round starts… No

Some lines from pg-13 approved movies:

" Go fuck yourself, San Diego.”
~ Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

“Everyone thinks you’re a dick, sir”
~We Bought a Zoo

I am pretty sure the IC community can find more eloquent language to provoke opposing empires. :joy:

Portal fans will know this one:

“I’m going to kill you, and all the cake is gone.”

I’d totally make that my family name.

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Their names won’t match a french manufacturer of solutions for material conveyors (Concrete, gravels…) who happens to be the world leader of ready mix concrete conveyor belt installed on trucks?

That’s really harsh, man.

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I can’t stand the idea of someone having a non-french-manufacturer-of-solutions-for-material-conveyors related name, even if they had an inappropriate name. It’s waaaaaayyyy out of proportion imo.

Honestly I am not sure how I feel about “The Big One”… Seems a little sexually suggestive to me.

I never thought about TBO much until I called him TBO on facebook, he immediately removed the comment…I was puzzled, then realized…

what an idiot i am! (slaps myself)

silly me…

How about Picklearmy?

I think about TBO and I think about him often … the last thing I think about before I fall asleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up.

@TheBigOne, can I pick Tickle my Pickle?

runs away from marinated cucurbitaceae comments

Good thing your opinion doesn’t matter in this =).

What do you think?