Names!/ New Rule


That is a fantastic pairing of words!


Next time I’m leader, maybe that’ll be my family’s name. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m thinking it’s ok? I mean, if you can go by Picklearmy, one Pickle that happens to need tickling can’t be much of an issue, right?


Like the idea. But implementing it well is going to be a challenge. Defining what is acceptable can be hard enough within one’s country’s corders. Defining it on an international scale is a much tougher challenge. Some perfectly tame words within one culture may be quite offensive within another. Plus what is or is not offensive is a rapidly changing line nowadays.


This is so true, especially with everyone being so sensitive.


Does this apply to race names too?


As an example, in today’s age, some might not think Terror of the Night is appropriate. But truth be told, it is just a reference to a kids cartoon, Darkwing Duck.


@TheBigOne if it is possible for you to change names, why can’t you change names to something that matches the fams current theme?


They had three days to do that. 4 people changed, 3 didn’t… Guess that sucks for them.


Loll I’m asking for future rounds…let’s say there was someone who wasn’t aware, wasn’t in forums, etc…would it be possible?


That’s like a speed limit. They are posted and expected to be followed. Do you still get a ticket if you go 100 in a 55, and say you didn’t know the limit?

However if it’s a new join, and the round has started, yes they can pick a name.

Names can be changed for 48 hrs after you join, just like a race change. (After round starts)


Oh I never knew that, so unrelated to mandatory name change, if I join a round and then want to change my name I can do so 48 hours after the round starts?

Do you know how many times I wished to change my name after round starts but always thought I couldn’t because the Round started ha ha. Well
@TheBigOne thank you!


Ahh! Yah there was even a merge round once where we allowed race change after that happened. But yes if you join a family and want to be included with the name, just send the game moderators a message and someone will help you take care of that :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,

This rule has been removed in light of recent developments to staff structure and policies. Thank you @TheBigOne for addressing the root issue here, and thank you everybody else for your feedback.

To be clear, improper names are still a violation of our rules, but we have changed our enforcement policies.

See below for more info: