MW75 recommendations

#milky-way-74 has been quite juicy, but with some obvious issues. Thank you all who have been providing your feedback.

I’d like to open up the conversation to specific recommendations for MW75. First though:

MW74 will not end early.

MW74 will not end early.

As for the call to END MW early, that is not going to happen. For one, people who have since deleted have forfeited their voice to influence the round for those who are still playing. It will not be a good precedent to set if we show players that they can mass delete from a round to force an early end.

That aside, even if all current players did want to end it early, it would disrupt our code release cycle, which is planned to see the next set of changes go out on March 09.

Even if everybody deletes right now, MW75 will not start until the next code release. MW74 will end on March 4, as planned.

MW75 Recommendations

With that out of the way, let’s talk about MW75. March 09 gives us roughly 3 weeks dev time (and 1 week testing) to get new features ready.

I already have plans for what I intended to work on, but I am open to reprioritizing based on recommendations in this thread. We don’t necessarily need code changes, but the option is there if we want to consider it.

Of course, we can also make uses of the galaxy settings that we currently have that don’t require new code.

I am open to anything and everything, but please keep it productive. This is not a thread for complaining, insulting me for dev decisions, attacking other players for their behavior this round, etc etc etc.

Please help me help you, by offering specific recommendations.

This thread will determine what MW75 looks like. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Lol so all those who thought a mass delete even tho all playing still agree to restart round just know pie will just force ic to be dead for a month or how ever long it takes so don’t try that again😂

I stand by my recommendations in the last thread made for this

No aid, no market (or fixed/automated market).

Encourages participation and cooperation rather than the most active 2 or 3 dominating the rest of the fam.

1 or 2 drafts.

A way to autoadd slots and prevent any fam from getting a free draft would be nice.


That would work in a ss team galaxy but thats not what mw is. In order to have a family role you must be able to aid or its just a semi ss galaxy.

I agree with no market so there is no market funding and i strongly agree with no alliances but that cant be enforced.


1: UA feeds the imbalance - we need a way to limt that.

2: Attack formula bug , feeds the imbalance… small can’t attack big.

3: We need create more “activity” and motion and try to make each player play a bigger part in his group… = smaller fams .
With smaller fams, you will potentialy have more wars, more naps more attackers … More of everything and avoid one over powered fam.

4: Remove named play… the free intel of who is who is so extremely valuable. and it also feeds the imbalance. the fams with good players nap instantly cause its dead give away who to watch out for.


An alternative to getting more people to be involved from the start could be 3 man fams so they have to work as a team, but allow an ally so it’s effectively 2 bank/att/res teams

But I think people hated the 3man round of mw as well…

It’s a real problem that the obvious best strategy for starting involves around 1/2 to 2/3 of the fam doing literally nothing for the first 1 to 2 weeks. Gotta fix this somehow.


Well if you go 3 people teams have 30 fams you can have 1 official ally.

Go back to the time before fam banking
Banker/attacker and 1 anything perhaps the dreaded ss player

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I was never hoping for the gal to end early this round. I want the time off before next round lol.

For next I’d say definitely have an expo cap. I’d suggest 2 drafts minimum. The game is just so much more fun when you can play with some friends. And as much as I like having the market available it would probably be best for that to go as well. As long as the market is there people will use it to aid one another.


All of the above! + more drafts indeed!
Also, if anything more complex would be addressed, I would definitely fix the ‘science build’ or ‘science/NW delay’ issue. Meaning the fact that if you take planets, NW only adds next tick, so your science stays as is for a whole tick and you can build ultra cheap.

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5 posts were split to a new topic: MW75 suggestion: fix construction jumps

I’ve split out the convo for fixing con jumps, as it’s looking a little more detailed. If you’re interested in that, please feel free to join us here.

If you have other suggestions, keep em coming in this thread.

Thank you all for your input so far. :slight_smile:

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I appreciate your effort to keep the threads on topic, but splitting it like that also kinda kills the discussion.

Yeah, it’s a tradeoff. Still, it will help each thread maintain its respective focus.

The main reason I suggest having at least 2 drafts is that I’ve talked to many people who have basically given up from the beginning of the round… Usually because they end up randoming into a family that isn’t active… I think it would help people stick around if they were able to play with people of their choosing. Especially a lot of the older vet players. I don’t think it’s very appealing for them to come back and have to roll the dice and possibly end up with a family that doesn’t care or isn’t active. And I don’t think it should be full draft fams. I think 2-3 would be fine. That way you at least are guaranteed a core of a few people of your choosing.

I do like the extra evos too. That added a fun New twist to the game. Going ahead @I_like_pie do you plan on getting custom races back in MW or maybe create 2-3 new of the base races?

People also seem to like the changes made to pop banking… Will that stay as is? My fam didn’t really get a chance to try that out this round before we made our early exit :crazy_face:… But it appears like others are trying and liking it.

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Oh yeah, customs are definitely coming back. The standards-only thing was to mix it up and try the new setting, but will be disabled next round.

New races are planned, but pretty far away and not likely for MW75.

The changes to pop are planned to remain, but of course if anybody has opinions about that they’re welcome to share them. :+1:

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Sounds good! Any idea yet on how you will decide what to use for the new races and how many new ones you’ll do? Like you said it’s still a ways off… but keep me posted on that. I think some new standard races would be very cool and bring some more excitement to IC.

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It’s all in the air atm, but I’ll post in #roadmap:brainstorming when I start digging into that code.

I agree though, a change there would be exciting, and could also fix some balance issues.

After this MW is as good as over i´d like to add 2 things that should be able to be changed quiet easily.

  1. Lenth of the round: Imho 6 weeks is too long. Most activity happens in the first 1-2 weeks of a round and after that people start going inactive. It may had been a little extrem in current MW round as expo phase was over in less then a week, but i generally think 6 weeks is too much. 4 would be good.

  2. Fam setup: 10 fams with 6 Players didnt work too well in current MW. With the low player count we have at the moment, i see 2 options…(given we get 60 players again)
    a) 20 3 Player Fams
    b) 6 10 Player Fams or 4 15 player fams.

Option a would give us a big variety of fams to attack/diplo whatever… for sure some of them will go MIA… but there should still be a bigger ammount of “active” fams to interact with.
Option b is a little weird to me… but it would at least assure each fam should stay more or less competetive till EOR.

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3 player fams would be good, can always go ss if your fam isnt active