MW75 Promo Hustle: Extra Evo if successful

We’ve got about 24 hours left until MW75 starts, and some fams still have spots open.

Families will not be merged. I won’t have time to do it this weekend, so the fam you have at round start is the fam you’ll be in for the round.

Promo Hustle

We have:

  • Official Facebook page: 195 followers
  • Facebook group: 50 members
  • Player-owned Facebook group: 122 members
  • Twitter account: 20 followers

By far, most of these people are older players who would be great candidates (and draftees) for MW75. Unfortunately, if our social media posts don’t get any activity, these players are not likely to see that MW75 is open.

That’s where you come in. A little effort goes a long way, especially if we all partake. You can:

  • Like, comment on, and/or share these posts on Facebook:

  • Like, reply to, and/or retweet this tweet on our official Twitter.

Extra Evolution for all

If the galaxy fills in time, every empire will receive an extra evolution.

This type of promo costs the game $0, and everybody benefits, but it only works if we get help from players like you.

Let’s get it!


when I first read the title, I thought you were already adding an op/spell to gain additional evos haha. I was going to cry after how many I had saved at the end of last round (even using them a few times throughout the round too)

We didn’t make it in time, but we’re gonna keep this open.

If we hit the cap at any point mid-round, we’ll add that extra evo. It’s never too late to draft in buddies or train new randoms. :+1: