Milky Way 75 is open for registration!

The following changes will take place for #milky-way-75.

  • A new feature, called “Planet Recovery”, requires freshly conquered planets to have a 1-tick cooldown before building new infra. This change was discussed here.

  • 20 families of 3 — we will open a 4th spot if enough fill the queue.

  • 2 drafts — with fams of 3, this is effectively full draft. If we open up a 4th it will be for a random.

  • The market is disabled.

  • The explo cap has returned.

  • Custom races are re-enabled.

  • Starting resources have changed from 10x to 5x.

These changes are a result of community feedback that can be found here.



Time Settings

  • Length: 6 weeks

  • Starting: Saturday, March 07, 2020 @ 17:00 GMT

  • Ending: Saturday, April 18, 2020 @ 17:00 GMT

  • Offensive Operations Delay: 2 days

  • Science Funding Delay: 2 days

Size Settings

  • Galaxy Size: 80x80

  • Planets per system: 9

  • Systems: 307

  • Planets: 2763

  • Families: 20

  • Family Size: 3, but we will open a 4th spot if enough fill the queue.

  • Drafts: 2

Other Settings

  • Morale Formula: Enabled

  • Starting Resources: 5x

  • Max Defense Stations: 2

Drafting Reminder

Remember, if you want to draft in a friend, make sure they use your draft code when they join. If they join without it, we cannot guarantee that we can fix it.

Graduation Required

New players must graduate from Virgo to be eligible for Milky Way registration.

Registration is Open

Milky Way 75 starts on Saturday, March 07, 2020 @ 17:00 GMT

You can join here.

Evolve? once or no evolve?

1 Evolution, and another as bonus if the galaxy fills.