MW69 Family #6620 should be removed

Family #20 in MW is a dead family, and almost all randoms are joining this family.

The family wants to be removed and it should be removed to get a random in another family.

I did say almost as not ALL new joins are joining 20, but it’s definitely not going to help them stay If they do.

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Thanks for posting in the forum. :slight_smile: There’s a big thing we need to clarify for this to be possible:

The family name, “Remove this Fam @Pie :joy:” was set by the old leader and is retained by the new leader. At most, this represents the intention of a single player (the new leader) and even then is an assumption.

“The family” as a unit wanting to be removed is a huge assumption, and not something we should make a decision on. None of us can say for certain that “The family wants to be removed”. That is speculation, and a dangerous precedent to set.

I understand that people see this family as “dead” but the only people who can speak for #6620 is #6620.

The people in that family need to contact me directly to request removal. Players can’t and shouldn’t be able to request deletion for other players.

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Except I asked them and that’s what they have said. It isn’t an assumption when I’ve asked them.

I even helped them kill 1 member off and another had to login who didn’t want to to finish it just to be nice…

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Will you remove them if they have more than 1 planet?

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That was Before … They got randoms.

Now I see a few randoms will try, but they are pretty screwed with the delay and where they landed.

Another family already took their core as their own even.

Best of luck I guess…

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You do understand though that I can’t take second hand information for these things, right? Otherwise I am the one who is assuming, and there’s significant risk with setting precedent for that.

I have to hear from them directly.

No. In order to be removed:

  • They have to have 1 planet
  • They have to request it themself

These aren’t arbitrary rules for the sake of it btw. Figuring out how to handle bottom fams is something we’ve never done smoothly.

What we have now is a problem, but less of a problem than it used to be.

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I understand that 100% even asked them to contact you, but when one did and had planets and was told no they sadly just gave up… ( nothing you did or can fix) it’s just how it goes.

Ain’t that the truth :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Thank you for having them contact me. :+1:

I think one of them ended up getting the issue resolved eventually. We’ll improve upon this as much as we can, and Galaxy joining requirements should help.



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