MW65 Post-Round Review

Now that the rankings are in, let’s take a step back and think about how this round went and what we want for next round.

I’ll be setting up Milky Way 66 roughly 24 hours from now, and would love to hear your opinion. As a reminder, there won’t be any setup polls for MW66 so now’s the time to share your thoughts.

Please keep it constructive, and the more specific the better! :slight_smile:

Here are some points to start with, but feel free to add anything you want:

  1. What was your least favorite part of the round?

  2. What was your most favorite part of the round?

  3. If you had 1 wish for the next round in this galaxy, what would it be?

Thank you!

  1. The small size and the huge spacing of the systems was a real nightmare for bankers and any other race that didnt jave speed.

  2. Most favorite would have to be the neck and neck race for size at the end.

  3. I hope at the very least systems aren’t spaced as far. I could deal with the smaller systems if need be but the travel times were horrendous.

  1. What was your least favorite part of the round?

Too big map and too small systems. Made the whole round super slow and allowed all families to keep doing construction jumps until 10 days before EOR. Imperial Infrastructure.

  1. What was your most favorite part of the round?

A certain balance between top families. 3-4 drafts on 9 player fams seem to be fine.

  1. If you had 1 wish for the next round in this galaxy, what would it be?

100x100 galaxy with 12-17 planets per system. Same-ish amount of planets, so I guess half the amount of systems.

Also, I think 7 man families instead of 9 would increase competition at the top even more, but as it’s a stay in family round, maybe that’s not applicable for next round just yet.

  1. What was your least favorite part of the round?

Networth attacks - no limit on size of player hitting smaller members, this is pretty much a recipe for any new comers to the game getting absolute owned then leaving. IC is an intense game, so the ability to fuck over any new small players without consequence for the most part, is lame. Maybe fixed with extreme re-working of the morale

  1. What was your most favorite part of the round?

joining 3 days late and leading the fam to a 4th place finish :smiley:

  1. If you had 1 wish for the next round in this galaxy, what would it be?

fix the networth attacking things - keeps the largest fams at war with each and the smaller fams fighting themselves. Fairer and more enjoyable for everyone id say.

Things i liked most:


Having higher nw than 29 eor jump, almost 200 ticks before eor

The reincarnation of I_lick_pie from banker into attacker. Once mw filled, he explored 90 planets, we killed him of and he rejoined mw as a camaar.

Our fam tracking, exposing and PROVING market aid.

Suggestions next round:

  • Less travel to prevent insane eco jumps
  • No attack delay (personal prefence)
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i liked least: 6329 trying to win by farming little families

i liked most: the other top families not farming the little ones alot and my fam being a top family despite not have been organized enough to even use a builder, how much all others must have sucked lol

for next round: a real reshuffle, not stay in family and 7 player families with max 3 draft spots, minimum same amount planets in bigger systems

Should cost morale to attack within the family.

Map size too big, system sizes too small. Am open to testing the small system sizes with smaller map, but think it mitigates opportunity to fight and therefore creates the ‘boring’ environment we all just experienced.

Least favorite part is pretty easy - 70m NW player attacking me at 4.5m NW or whatever. Just seems like it shouldn’t happen, ever.

Octarine hurricanes are terrible. Their random chance of failure should increase. I had 3 OH on me the entire last 2 weeks of the round and the folks casting them NEVER failed.

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I’ll jump on the band wagon here. Way to spread out. Systems were to small with a huge travel time between. Other things that sucked were more total game tweaks which i have quite figured out how to word in an idea thread yet to make myself useful so no sense crying about it. So yeah system size/distance

least like travel times and small systems

most liked more players are coming back to game

i wouldnt mind same size map if systems had more planets and alot closer

  1. The slow start
  2. Staying with family. I also liked some of the planet clustering with gaps between the clusters.
  3. Much faster start, mw 64 start was good imo.
  1. When 31 raped 37, although 37 pretended the early raid was worse than it seemed, set up a NAP to fail and 6230 being so kind to give 250p too 6231 just before EOR. Anyone who has played more than 3 rounds knows that, that high multitude of planets, that moved from 30 to 31…is only possible if BOTH sides have the same end result in mind, which is 30 helping 31 to size win, congrats!

  2. Raping @MTG_Dad his fam from the start, to the point he gave up leadership. I think I should do that more often seeing it was my fav. part of the round!

  3. A transparant IC-team, game-mods and chat-mods. But by now I know that is wishful thinking. Thank you for turning me into Render.

No shuffle, next round gonna be old skool fun!

Being in #6231, until a few hours before eor i didnt think we would take home a size win. Than we added up the numbers, 5 attackers, 50 - 110 raid fleet each, of which 3 had full morale :joy:

I think #6230 just wanted to have an impact killing the 155 mill pop from our pax, which failed. If succeeded it would have grounded us, or at least severly limit our attacks.

I don’t think #6230 had the resources to jump bigger fleet than our main attacker. Nor did they have enough active attackers to win on morale.

As for us raiding them, 1300+ laser traps… , raiding down ground, no free lunch there.

When the dust settled 50 minutes before eor their 3rd size rank was still stable.

The only reason for them to put an effort in retakes, assuming they were online in the first place, was to deny us (#6231) a win and grant #6229 a win.

I think on that topic we (#6231) had more goodwill.

@Sol_Invictus, to conclude, based on the last 50 minutes, I agree with you #6230 wanted us to win :yum: over you guys.

Side note: I like pie tribute squad won’t be playing together next round. 8 players not returning.

What the lady sings…

You’re a pretty sore loser, aren’t you?

  1. Small fams was having fun fighting each other, but 1 top fam ruined their fun.

  • Small fams was having fun fighting each other.
  • My fams was having fun fighting top fams only.
  1. Market delay for 1 week to stop cheater doing market aid.
    Nothing wrong with the rest. U r the owner, u make the rules.
    And people better start to adapt than whining.

He got free expo from us, maybe 120-150 planets.
He also blamed undeadbizzaroskratch for being our spy after we beat their planet size :rofl:
He just a bad loser.


sorry dear, but here u are wrong, i could have out-jumped all of ur attackers, we had 1,5 billion gc saved.

so we had the choice and we decided to let the family have some fun over winning a war

I don’t think LG is referring to GC… He’s talking about resources, as in: iron/endu.
But I could be wrong.

that included ressources, we had enough saved (wouldnt have been enough if u jumped ur bigger attacker once more instead of i_am_pie)

But I guess you pumped it all into wizzies… oh my poor population :frowning:

see and this is a problem. if u act like this nobody will like you. u are bullying little players of small families, but when it comes to direct competition with a fam which isnt max half ur size u struggle.
ur fam has been bigger then my fam, but planetwise i was up against you, not only have i retaken all planets u took from us during ur early game raid against my bankers but i have denied ur spread into our area and arround completely. u dont see me impressed by ur attacking skills and i will clear u whereever i find u, any round