MW 70 suggestion

Having less players(less explos=less planets) can lead to another problem.

If we look 2 rounds back, in MW, there was alot drama about farming families. I was in that family and we won in the end… That was the same round we were short on 2 players for 3 weeks. 21x16= 336 planets.
So if u still want to compete for the win, u gotta make up all these losses from somewhere. Since other families are also having their wars(gains) Your fam has to gain ever more, meaning only rape and farm.


If galaxies are being created with a proper amount of systems the amount of planets you end expo phase with shouldn’t be based on how many eships you can build, it should be based on the amount of space you were able to secure.

Love you guys.

If you establish your core well enough, you can simply backfill explos.
Being a player or two down is not a big deal if your attackers are on point.

I have made some rather powerful families over the years as an SS player.

That is 50% Attack and with 40% Income and 100% Speed, Droids, and two ops.

Did it a year ago, and came in 2nd my first round back, and 1st the round after that.


It has always been do-able, people just don’t know how.

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@HellRaizeR Whole quote there bubbah ^ :unicorn:

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@Tezcatlipoca bro make this a vote. I know for a fact alot of players want this.

4 person fam and 6 person fam having same explos is a given. Its what really seperates us.

Hydros fam has had 6 players active from sor. Ours was 4 then 5 cause of luster.

We are keeping up sort of but reality is no matter how good our econ effort is, we cant account for that extra player 8 explos a day. 7 days now? 56 extra planets. And it shows. And nothing we can do.

Imagine the bottom fams who have some really sick players, give them the same expo count and u will see the ranking disparity minimized by alot.

Create a vote munder, u got mine and a bunch of us.

@HellRaizeR :slight_smile:


10% of the the round, other fams have game too.
Playing a little catch up is the name of the game babeh.

Nothing is decided. <3

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Its not about the top 5 broski @Darrk

Its the bottom fams who have some really good players but hands are tied u know. Only so much u can do.

Imo this would make it a fair field. And thats all i want. Give the bottom fam a chance. Atleast in the aspect of explos.

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I agree it is perfectly possible to win when you have a disadvantage.

But the it’s doesn’t change it was an unfair competition.
It’s like given someone a headstart in a race or playing person down in a sport, you can still win if your much better than your opponent or get lucky or they get unlucky etc.

Since we don’t seem to be able to keep the family sizes even and are tending toward smaller families, we should look and how we can reduce the disadvantage of less players, this is one area I think it is a relatively easy fix.

I won Orion round 2 as an income attacker, so I understand the concept and I doubt any family is going to remove a highly active SS player who is contributing to the team.

But playing SS is earns less per building than a banker/resourcer and then less effective at attacking than an attacker, overall your less effective in a organised family.

There are some advantages, you don’t have to wait for the bank to aid, you can build every tick if you want. Don’t have obvious soft targets, less susceptible to opps.
But I think the years of play have pretty clearly demonstrated the dominance of the specialist roles.

However once again it is possible to win, but your putting yourself at a disadvantage todo it.
I prefer the solo SS attacker playstyle myself, I’d be pretty happy if some changes were made to make it more viable.

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Couldn’t disagree more… SS is for solo only… anything other, you’re screwing the rest of your family over.

20 player families it wasn’t an issue
6 player families… It will make the family harder, and almost no possible way to win.


To piggyback your idea… we could change it up a lot more.

Eships are based on families only.

6 player family
8 ships a day
48 total available.

Just like you suggested, we can do it like defense station, everyone can fund the area and make the ships, however only the leader can distribute them to players.

So say after a day your family has all 48 ships.

They can have 1 player send them all.

This would change how estage works, AND add a flare for new ways to do things. Races wouldn’t need specific ops, ect.

So it can fix an issue we currently have, plus add a little spice.

Yeah it can have some flaws, but I think the reward is much better than the risk.

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I made this an idea, open for a vote if anyone’s interested.

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Okay so this could cause problems if you keep 1 person small you can have them expo and have the ready of the family take planets from them. A good family would just keep someone small and pass the planets making it cheaper.

My idea is make it to were each empire can build the extra expos, so say you got 4 people in your family in a 6 person family galaxy. Those 16 expos that you are missing goes to the players so they can build an extra 4 each day per family member. Sorry little drunk so it might not of came off right

@I_like_pie pls move this thread from universal-news to ideas, and give me my badge :smiley:

And I DO have the “right” to kill a player off if I feel that he is not beneficial to the fam. That is why I have the leader tag and that is why the ability to kill a player off exists anyways. Until pie removes the ability to kill a player off, then I have the right to do so.

SS players are fam killers. It is a fam-based galaxy and there are plenty of other galaxies specifically designed for SS play. You want a galaxy where SS and Fam based is optional at the same time? Make a custom galaxy then.

Until then…I kill every SS player that comes into my fams. You have no place here


That’s not why the abliity to kill a player off exists. The ability to kill a player off is fucking obvious, you mark then ‘inactive’ to kill them off. You kill them off because they don’t log on. Are you pretending not to understand that extremely basic set of logic…?

Killing a player off because you don’t like their playstyle is exactly why this game is dead and why only hardcore players like you are left - you drove everybody else away.

I’d also like to point out you’re at least the 4th player in this thread to prove exactly why this idea will be abused.


Wrong Bit, Pie has a system in place that will automatically remove inactive players who do not log in.

And you making assumptions as to what drove people away from this game is silly. You can not speak for all the players who were “driven away”. You don’t know their reasoning.

Try again

Feel free to ask Pie if he thinks the reason the inactive tag exists is so you can kill off anybody whose playstyle you don’t like.

I’m not wrong.