Market disappearance

Looks like there is either a limit or a glitch.

I had a 5 billion bid on oct than added a 7 billion bid and it looks like the market only added 2 billion to give a total of 7 billion. While the other 5 billion just disappeared. Now I’m out $5billion gc lol

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Will take a look, thanks for reporting it.

Hi @EvilRunt, can you clarify your bid details? Were you buying or selling?

I’m not able to reproduce the issue so far, neither buying nor selling. In either case it takes my +10bil bids and shows them back to me.

If all our Market bids are successful, we will have an additional:

  • 17,640,000,000 Gold
  • 240,000,000 Octarine

If we cancel all our Market bids, we will have an additional:

  • 21,384,000,000 Gold
  • 158,760,000 octarine

Still digging in, but any extra info will help. Thanks.

Odd. I sold 400,000,000 iron from 19 - 15 to accumulate the $7b - than immediately went to stash it on octo. have had my 5.5b $$ sitting there for awhile.
It looks like i have two random identical bids. I’m assuming one of them was created during the stash.

  • Buy 2147483647 octarine at 1.00 gc per unit.
  • Buy 2147483647 octarine at 1.00 gc per unit.
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That’s very useful info, thanks.

I’ll see about juggling some bids around in a similar manner.

Looks like it just did it again. put a 3.3b bid for oct and it came out to that exact # 2147483647. So it shorted me 1.2b.

We’re finding and fixing these large number bugs in the coming upgrade. It won’t be ready for a few weeks though, so in the meantime I would avoid bids higher than 2 bil.