Break IC for fun and glory!

Hi all, I need your help!

I’m working on fixing up the issues from Tri 28, but in the meantime I can use assistance testing the recent tech overhaul. For those unfamiliar, there is an upgrade in progress that is going to enable much easier development on my side.

That means quicker bug fixes, bigger gameplay improvements, and more.

However, it needs to be hit hard with testers! Like really hard. :ic_angry_party:

There aren’t any huge functional differences, it’s more just sanity checks to make sure all the normal stuff still works as expected. I’ve tested a bunch and things are looking pretty great so far, but this is where I need your help.

The more eyeballs :eyes: we have on this the faster we can safely release this upgrade, which will unlock a bunch of other great stuff for us.

The Dev Server is open, and running 2-minute ticks with 10 families of 10.

Feel free to post any bugs you find here. Any/all help is appreciated. :ic_smile:

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Using sa on second attamept it beought me to the white you have encountered a error page then i refreshed and the issue went away. Will keep looking.

As i counting to try the issue continues.

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The SA issue has been fixed. Thanks. :+1:

Fam page not loading

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I just pushed out a fix to the fam page, this should be good now.

There may still be other issues though, so lemme know if you still see anything funny.


Having an issue with the cost button when overbuilding. Sometimes it will show the costsbthen other times it will not load anything.

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That should be fixed now. Thanks.

A bunch of other changes went out this morning too, which should fix a handful of other similar problems.

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This weekend ill have lots of time to check everything out, just peaking around when i can now. Will keep reporting what I find.

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