Market and infinitum

Market in infinitum makes unbalanced play possible.

Either remove market totally.
Or make it a market with prices players cannot change but the game sets the prices/amount and adjusts them to the economy.

If you like this idea and want to see it happen, please vote for it via the “Vote” button in the top left of this page.

If the objective is to remove market aiding, this could be mostly acheived by putting in a delay in listing sell bids, say 1 tick.


I would like to see the market aid stop also, but removing the market would totally kill the players who are playing alone and relying on selling to the market for cash currently.


8 votes @I_like_pie how many we need?

For a change where you are proposing to remove an existing feature and affect multiple players I would expect you would need a lot, possibly include a poll with a few options.

probably 30+ votes

Ok better close it then. Enjoy market aiding

We need clarity. You’re proposing 2 different things here:

  • remove market totally
  • make it a market with prices players cannot change but the game sets the prices/amount and adjusts them to the economy

Decide which one you want to focus on, and then we can hash out the details. For example:

Sets them to what? Adjusts them how? Specifics are needed.

These need to be figured out before this idea can be further considered. The idea as it stands isn’t detailed enough to be accepted, regardless of how many votes it receives.

This almost sounds like excessive bureaucracy. You’re the developer. The current situation already calls for action. All in all a good sport but let’s be honest, it’s a mess.
Isn’t it your job to come up with a worked out solution? Why do you ask us to come up with a specific solution.
The house is on fire. We ask for immediate action. Not a discussion group or a debate.

This isn’t my idea. I’m not convinced this idea is needed. I have enough to work on.

If a player has an idea, they’re more than welcome to suggest it. However, the onus is on them to convince me that it should be implemented, not me to figure out the details of what they want.

Yes that is my job, and I’m doing it. I already have several features planned in the #roadmap:to-do list to address this issue in a different way.

I’m not asking anybody to come up with a solution, but if they want to suggest something they are free to. Some suggestions do turn into features, but it isn’t a guarantee. That’s why we have votes and discussions.


Ok Pie. GL in 2025

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Thanks. :wink:

Fwiw, this process isn’t perfect, but it’s miles beyond what we used to have, which was just a ghost town that never went anywhere. At least this process leads to actual player-suggested changes.

If you don’t care enough to spend the effort figuring out your own idea, don’t expect me to care enough to consider it.


Yea I can work out my idea no problem. But I don’t Care as it wont happen anyway.

That’s 100% up to you, but other players have seen their suggestions implemented.

Again, nothing is guaranteed, but if you’re not willing to figure out your own idea here then I can’t do anything with it.

Either way, you can’t say you weren’t given the opportunity.

FWIW, I would like to down vote this Idea.

Removing the market would all but remove me from Infinitum.

A change to the market to either cap or add a delay or whatever other option you have actually detailed yet, would make me need to change my strat slightly but I could work with it.

Yeah, removing the market is pretty heavy handed. At most I could see that as a galaxy option, but for Infinitum in particular it would kill the game entirely for many players.

A transaction delay is a very interesting take though. :thinking:

or limited to # of transactions per tick maybe? Or does this still allow aiding?

I mean, I get it what Luker8969 means. They built their strategy around this. But being able to funnel millions of cash to a dedicated attacker in this galaxy without any problems hurts so much for the competition if the competition is unable to do this.

The whole galaxy was and is a skirmish between a handful of players. Now there is no competition. In no possible way in the foreseeable future I can meet this power. The snowball has already rolled down the hill.

I know this reads as a bad loser post. It’s just that there’s a bit of a bad taste of unfair competition in my mouth.

And the whole process of getting something changed seems so long and dreadful, I can get back to my “house on fire” metaphor.

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You’re not wrong, but the solution isn’t necessarily in the market.

A static market is worth considering to combat this, but it’s not a trivial thing to implement and we have other things already in the dev backlog.

That’s not to say a market fix can’t be bumped in the priority list. It can, but it needs more details first, and as mentioned my focus is on alternate fixes so I have little interest in this taking over those efforts unless a reasonable argument is made to do so.

Welcome to dev roadmapping. :wink: At least we have a process now. We went about a decade with nothing.

I’ve been putting out fires since I took over. At least now we actually have a fire fighter.


I like the idea of a maximum transaction/tick.

My other idea of fixed prices market is easy. For example. Iron buy price is 15. Iron sell price is 20. With a stock of 9999billion. Enables working with market but without influence of other empires.

Prices can change every now and then to keep up the balance.

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In my opinion, the removal of the market should be a galaxy option mainly surronding the notion of a SS galaxy.

Currently we have 2 SS galaxies that have been played recently in SN and Infinitium.

SN is a hardcore galaxy with UA/IA and the market should be a part of this.

However (in my opinion), Infinitium is a normal galaxy which has replaced mathano (as in it is not available anymore). In a normal SS galaxy, I believe the market should have been removed prior to the start of the round so it could be treated as a pure SS galaxy where old and new players could play around with the game on a relatively even playing ground. Saying this you can’t simply remove the market form Infinitium due to the fact people have built strategies around it as Lurker states above.

In my humble opinion, a hardcore SS galaxy (single player fams) should have the market and people can do what ever they want in relation to market aiding. However, in a non-hardocre (normal) galaxy they should be the option to remove the market to purely make the galaxy SS as in self sufficient and maybe could be looked at when starting (or re-starting :wink: ) a SS galaxy

Just my 2 cents