Marked rogue

4879 I’m in family and I’m active the some reason the leader puts me Rogue the starts taking all my planets this is really unacceptable I’m life is a b****

  1. It’s 4579
  2. Your name is similar to @TheBigOne and I forgot he was Blue for a second (more just a point out because I remind people of Mace)
  3. I am sure he has his reasons, a couple would be either that you are not communicating (not in family discord chat) or you are SS (to separate from first of the two, this is about being in the chat but not playing how they ask you to).
  4. This thread was supposed to be about a specific feature added to the game and not a place to whine about being kicked off, please move that to either a new thread in the #universal-news:milky-way-58 category or to #milkyway in the main IC discord

Its OK maybe IC don’t need players to stay anyway I’m RICKING of old .been around long time. Being in chat do t make you a team player.and as long as your active. A should not be able to kill an active player

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There used to be a rule against it, but Pie doesn’t believe a player has any right to play.

MW is a fam gal. If u want to play SS theres SN and Balius. Its only normal when an active fam kicks of an SS player in hopes to get a player who will play in a fam.

I tend to be leave that .that this whey of thinking. Is why ICis not getting a good newer playing base .Iv always tryed teaching new players all I can and answer any they try to keep them wanting to play.

This is very sad when all you have to do is mark them Rogue and kill them if you want a new or many a better players in your family if that is the case you should have just made it all draft.ow well.

I though it was a low move to send me a mess and ask me what I built for defences. Then wait for me to log off and take my plants.
All you would had to do is ask me to leave I would have even explored my 29 plants for the family before leaving. Now I’m a little pissed so I will build a ton of defence just because it was a low move

If fams would be bigger there wouldnt be any problems with having an SS in fam. Now we have 7 player fams and every player counts.
I dont think anyone is against new players. Just that people should comunicate and play with fam.
As for new players, i kind of miss Virgo. It was a good base to learn something for new people.

  • its hard to be straight forward these days. Last rounds proved that there are people who just want to ruin a round for others.

Cherish your ss players and guide them! Activity is the only thing that counts.

Ss players have proven decisive in more rounds than one in my fams.

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to play SS in a family round, as a leader it’s very useful knowing you have a player that you don’t have to worry about. If the leader doesn’t know how to make use of that player, it’s the leader’s fault.

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Any player who refuses to come to chat and play SS can wait for Supernova… when you have a max of 7 players per fam, you can’t afford having 2/7 being SS. If you guys want them, clear a space so they can random in.

O, I get where you come from. From a player standpoint it makes sense to want conformity. I’m still concerned that the admin doesn’t care about new players

Every leader has policy. U can’t interfere.
Case like this r common, imperial conflict.

Lame… hey rickings… what fam was this again? I’ve played with Rickings he’s active he doesnt always come to chat but he does sometimes… Pie is a shitty Owner… he spits on some of the rules that made sense… now its okay to kill off players who want to play… fucking idiot pie is

This is a new problem, until a year ago there were rules against it. Why is everyone acting like it’s tradition.

Because I am new so I was giving suggestions based on what a leader ‘could’ think based on the family number seeing so small but not that small.

Apparently this guy was communicating since pickle asked him how much defense he had and he responded…if I can decipher that most correctly

I disregarded that, maybe pickle could have spoken to this guy a little more (unless there is more to the story in which case I am on neither side)

It would be interesting to see the messages, but messaging a player that you think is new fishing for information on their defenses is incredibly low.

@Big1, I hear you and understand your frustration. This is something we’ve discussed below:

The most recent movement was a proposed solution here:

If you don’t want to read those, the short of it is that we’re aware of this problem. We used to have a rule to prevent this, but it wasn’t enforceable in a fair manner or realistic to moderate given our limited staff.

We have some ideas that will help rogues avoid your exact situation, but no ETA on when they will be added. In the meantime your best bet is to try to work it out with your leader or, if that fails, to actually go rogue and make their game difficult. I recommend the first option, but it’s up to you.

Cummunication is key. I expect my ss players to tell me what they plan for and give them a few conditions to operate within (like honer nap and core agreement).

One or two in-game msg a day can cover that.