Map Hack Tool

@MaceWindex, can you provide your tool + instructions here when you get a chance? Let’s hash it out and see how we can use the opportunity to improve the game.

To those who don’t know, this is the tool referenced in the Black Eye 3 Exploit and Poll. To be clear, the tool predates BE3, so it does not appear that it was created with malicious intent to cheat.

However, it can be used to gain an advantage, which is what we should address here.

A note regarding tool approval

I have heard people raise the issue that I “literally helped develop” this tool, meaning it should be implicitly approved.

I do help a lot of players with questions about code, including examining IC’s public code. I have had multiple conversations with @MaceWindex before about our map javascript, and helped him with questions about how certain things work, technical questions, how to do this or that, etc.

This is something I do all the time. I even run a community for game and web developers where we discuss these things openly.

However, helping to understand and experiment with IC’s code isn’t the same as helping to enable js hacks and distributing modified code to actually play the game. I neither helped with nor approved that part.

So, if you’re a tech-savvy player who likes to experiment, please ask about usage if you plan on using or sharing something. I am more likely to help you than to tell you no, but we need to be aware of it to keep the game fair for everybody.

I’m looking into ways to block unapproved code from running, including this:

Shout out to @Zanoab for the suggestion. :+1:

If I understand correctly, @MaceWindex’s tool allows for rendering custom map lists. This is something that the old map did, but the newer one never saw implemented.

So, we need the following:

  1. The ability to manage custom planet lists, even outside of the map view.
    This is related to Entity Tagging.

  2. The ability to show lists from #1 in the map

  3. The ability to disable #2 in round settings

  4. The ability to block hacks that circumvent #3

Doing #1 properly is a significant amount of work, so in the short term the quickest workaround is to just allow a single “Custom” view. I believe this is what the tool did, but please correct me if I’m wrong. That would combine #1 and #2 in the short term.

#3 is already supported, we just need to hook any new code into the existing “limited map” checks.

I can start working on #4 now as part of the new frontend work that is already in progress.

@MaceWindex (and others), does this all make sense? The goal here would be to remove the need for any external tool, and to protect against unapproved code being ran.

I am open to other suggestions if you guys have them.

Cannot attach Zip Files, I hope this works from a discord link:

EDIT: that’s the 1st February that it was posted

I think this is the same version that I posted again recently but later uploads have been deleted. Since the posting isn’t about if it works in that build. The file has my instructions, the html file that takes your self made PList and one of the versions of the JS that worked at the time of posting.

I have since stopped posting it and I am no longer using it myself. Since I know that mapgen still exists and isn’t lost to time, there’s no point in me continuing the development of the tool, even the versions for mobile, etc. that would not have required any injections or “hacking” of the code.

I am focusing on getting to look nicer, and have more functionality for displaying tick comparisons, charts, achievements/goals, etc. that’s more of a fun side project whilst I develop my programming skills as oppose to being what the players want/need. My next steps is to fix start of round and finding open galaxies but i’m sure pie’s API will be what I need to wait on to get that working, otherwise i’m doing the work twice once the endpoint is opened.

As for this, yeah it makes sense. I’m not sure how much extra input on it I can provide atm as i’m pretty tired and don’t want to come across as salty, even though i’m trying to be positive about things. In as non-prickish manner as I can think of at the moment, native is always better but it’s not like you have time to do everything so take your time with whatever is at the top of your priority list, it’s the best way forward.

For example if you only add the integrity stuff and then work on getting new players and keeping player retention high, it will be more worth it than doing what we can do in old map anyway. old map doesn’t really work on phones (At least not mine) but it has a custom map and is blocked during limited map rounds so it already satisfies the other criteria. also we can just draw on a screenshot, taking a bit longer to get the same result as the tool

Old map had more functions than New thats for sure


FWIW, the long term plan is to open-source the FE. It’s not quite viable just yet, but we’re much closer to decoupling it from the BE entirely.