Manthano 2

@Xenon made a good point today; the training galaxy would be more useful if newbies could talk to fam members.

It’s been long enough now to re-evaluate the current setup, and while I have reservations about the usefulness of a bunch of long-term training families, we could definitely benefit from moving away from solo play.

The current plan is to close out Manthano, and re-open it with 2 giant families. It will remain an attack-free galaxy, but new players will gain the opportunity to work within a team with some light competition against the other family.

Timing is TBD, but this will happen sooner than later. This also means that Manthano 1 will in fact have final rankings, which wasn’t the original plan. So if you want your shot at the top of the list, now’s your chance. :wink:

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We are currently researching additional technology for 250923624 Gold.

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