Mantha bug

Well this morning suvarius purposely used an old bug to his advantage to attack me in mantha, he was then set to rogue but could still trigger attacks.

Would like to update he took me to 2p then deleted his account.

I do not mind restarting it will take me 1 week to reach that again🤷‍♂️ I do mind that a bug was purposely used to ruin that galaxy again and needing to restart once again.

T-8153 B is no more.

It was brought to my attention by that maybe setting were changed and the community was not openly told about it in the mantha 2 thread. The screen shot he sown was from a developer chat?

If this is correct can you please inform everyone but this must mean rogue is broken because rogue did not work to stopping the attacks. I know quite a few in that galaxy that is not aware of this change.

There was no change that would require informing anybody, this sounds like a bug.

Can you send us the screenshot? We don’t have any active developer chats, I’m not sure what they’re talking about.

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Oh maybe he was lying ill show you what he sent me.
Suvarius and joined our family chat room in mantha last night even tho isn’t in the family then they admitted to joining to essentially stir something up. then read my rant about what happened and said it’s not a bug it was in a dev site. I miss spoke and said chat when I should have said site. I was busy at work I’m sorry for that.

I’ll show his screen shots bellow but after a player deletes an empire all news goes with it I guess so I can’t show the attacks but any other info wanted ill gladly show and find.

Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying.

That screenshot is what shows up as a result of our Change to Blocked Empires. If you weren’t blocked though, this shouldn’t apply.

We can’t say whether or not they were knowingly exploiting a bug vs just encountering one. Either way, it does look like something is wrong here.

I’ll take a look, thanks for reporting it.

Ok thank you for clearing that stuff up I could not find it anywhere so didn’t think he was correct but when I seen his screen shot I was confused.

Reason I believe rogue is bugged is when I noticed him taking my planets I was online so set him to rogue but he was able to continue triggering.

Reason I believe Rawr(Suvarius) purposely did it is.
-He was in the galaxy for months.
-Its known as a peaceful galaxy that has no attacks or opps that should be possible so no defense is needed.
-Joined family chat late last night with others to
stir stuff up and spy on his gf he said.
-98 pre sent fleets were sent to hover and trigger all at once.
-Empire was deleted right after.

Thanks for the assessment.

We want to avoid public discussion of rule violations and focus bug reports on the functionality itself.

We’ll look at possible rule violations separately and privately.

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Yes sorry thats why I made a report as well this morning but was only replied to here. I’m sorry and can transfer the information over there if needed.

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It’s all good, I think we’ve got what we need here.

Just for the record as of now there’s no proof that anybody’s done any wrongdoing, although we’ll take a look at the events as described.

I’ll post an update on the bug itself as soon as I can.

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