Mafia Update!

Alright, we are about 48 hours away from kicking off another round of everyone’s favorite game, IC Mafia. This one promises to be the largest one ever, with no less than 33 players having signed up so far :smiley: I’d like to thank you all for your enthusiasm, even if it was faked! (you know who you are)

We are looking to post the final role list tomorrow evening and start the game 24 hours from then, to give everyone time to read up and get acquainted with the specifics of this round. There will be some changes and tweaks, but nothing major as we did not feel it would be worth the risk with so many players, including a large number of first timers.

I would suggest to those who aren’t yet acquainted with the game to have a look at some of the older games so you get a better feel for it. You can do so here

Starting last round, we used discord as a voting platform for lynch phase instead of the usual votes in the forum. This was well received and we plan on keeping it that way, although the forum version is tried and true as well. Feel free to share your impressions on this.

Also remember you are required to use chat in some capacity, as that is where most of the game is actually played. You can do so here. If you are unfamiliar with discord and need some guidance, do let us know.

That’s it for now fellas! Hang in there.

Holy crap! 33???

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35 now

Have fun guys