IC Mafia

IC Mafia is a forum and chat game played amongst the Imperial Conflict community between an informed minority known as The Mob and an uninformed majority known as The Townies.

It is based off of a party game and relies heavily on deception, psychology, and strategy.

  • The Mob’s goal is to kill off all the Townies.
  • The Townies’ goal is to uncover and vote to lynch members of The Mob.

One or more writer/moderators set a theme and assign roles at random. Imperial Conflict’s versions are often very NSFW.

Special roles may also be assigned, depending on the design of the writer/moderator.

Game Play

There are two alternating phases: the night phase and the day phase. During the night phase The Mob work together in secret to decide on a victim to murder. During the day phase, the victim is announced and surviving players try to figure out who amongst them is a member of The Mob and should be lynched by a majority vote.