List one of your GOATs


Just thought id have a discussion about this. Everytime I join a new random fam we always talk about how long we played who we played with and who we think is really good.

So I thought I’d hear what you guys think. What was your greatest fam or fams of all time and your favorite player or players of all time.

Also your favorite round/rounds of all time.



Kagar as an attacker






Best attacker would be aleph

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So many good players… but if i gotta name one i miss in this game i gotta say Jaguar :smiley: Fantastic indian guy! Best attacker i ever seen in this game i think.

Fam, i cant realy remember that long back, but i had an epic round afew years back with @Orion and @Swagga @Xenon :stuck_out_tongue: called the US marines, where we cut nw to insane degree for our wars, since it was the new moral forumla in place that round… was a memorable round! :smiley:



I really enjoyed PP_ and Protoss especially in the forums.
I also enjoy IC Death and respect his game although it’s harsh and rugged with diplo.
I think Darrk wins GOAT by being relevent living still active legendary player. :sunglasses:



Best diplomat of all time. You guys have no idea, it was amazballs.
I can’t even describe it.
Also - he owns the game and fucking loves it.
Kept the game alive for all of us.
It’s not even close.
All pale in comparison to his way of playing the game.
I mean he bought it.
We are his players.

Nearly all of you playing ('cept for those really fucking old ones - you know who you are geezers <3) are direct “descendants” of his family tree.
Aaaaaand you don’t even know it.
Eerily fast - you all have no idea what speed is.
I am easily one of the fastest to have played - in my prime (17 f runs in 120 secs - witnessed by many).
He was a little over twice that speed.
It was unreal.
I literally had to let him go first.
He was that fast.

Most wins against thousands of players in MW.
5 Consecutive rounds - one as his whole fam as Dancer.
Everyone who played with him will say he was the best.

A wins a wins a win.
Leader of the most MW wins in the history of the game.

I would have given this to Malorean, but imho - the current game’s econ strats positively reak of him.
Not sure he lead much - but he has won heaps too (back in the day as well).
Most all of you are using econ strats he was key to implementing.
I can smell it all over you guys.

I would need to check the stats but he is getting close.
Don’t want to miss him if he has that many wins.
Hella chill leader.




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Lol thanks man - I am not as good as the doods on that list.
I have been too volatile, and have played SS to often.



Altruist and Starstrike were two of the very best players from the early days. They both knew the mathematics of IC inside and out. Plus Starstrike had a never-die determination that made him very dangerous to engage with offensively.

Also, Evael and Erehwon were one hell of a duo and perhaps the very first highly successful Banker/Attacker pairing in the game.

Biased of course, but my favorite families were the Harkonnens and the Tortuga Nebula Thugs.

Favorite round was Milky Way Round 1 which featured the The Donut Rumble war.



The Harks were pretty awesome.
No doubt @Terror_of_the_Night .
Kinda short lived till Sogil almost brought them back when HE invented “Flint Jumping”.
Deffy worthy of mention.



Impire - leader/schemes/econ
Genesis - leader/econ
@Sol_Invictus best attacker ive played with

Axis Tri alliance and first AYB Tri alliances where probably the best I was in



Eco leaders, HC4E, PP, HydroP, Genesis, Wild

One of the best was AYB tri alliance for good while.

Attackers - Impire, Kagar, WS, yes back in those days I was right there with them two. I beat them both and they beat me. Fairly even against each other.

Good old days back then with Torquez, Noir, Wild, TYMO, Godland, Talic, Orion, and many others that I can’t name them all.

Also good Mods like KT, Primo, Lex.



Marines round was awesome. We had a big lead going into the end but then half the fam went inactive and we inched out LIghtguns’ fam with DeadlyX holding something like 35 morale planets and not sleeping the last 40 hours of the round.

One of my favorite rounds was my 2nd or 3rd round back playing in a very long time a few years ago. We had gaxies theme with ricking, lohan, sol, flipmode, wolf, risingdown, and gxreborn. All the highlights of a classic round. Colorado farming bottom teams and not winning, IC Death jumping way too much fleet and never having morale to attack, Artic forgetting to build transports before war, and flip accidentally researching welfare instead of eco all round as a cf banker.

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One last thing.

Back over 15 to 20 yrs ago the most fun I had was taking on my two main foes in the forums. We really went after each other and most people loved the forums back then just waiting to see us go at it.

  1. Arctic the complete n00b lol thought he was good but was one of the worst in the game.

  2. ArchAngel lol the best enemy I had back then was him. He was a decent player but I would have never told him that back then. We really tore the forums up at each other.

I would love to be able to go back and reread some of those times.

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That sounds awesome… Really good stories it seems like.

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TIF I remember u had close to 400 or over 400 million pop in one of those rounds u mentioned with Impire also banking then. And I think daywalker was attacking. Those flint jumps were insane man.

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Yeah I forget the pop amounts, but i remember me and mango had 40-50 mil incomes when we saved for first big flint jump, added a few million mines and 1 mil refineries onto a attacker, think it was chili, then used the resources and mini jumps (hypno pop) to increase incomes over 100 mil, so 400 mil sounds about right, was crazy numbers.

I forget the names of most of the good players I played with back then, so many names, would love to see my old families homepages, but I lost my screensshots on an old drive :frowning:



lol yeah flint jumps to 1750% ob and than getting raid :’(

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Aaron Rodgers, probably the best QB around, not his fault the Packers didn’t give him enough tools to win a couple more rings

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

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