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I’m a game developer, and pie said I could post my stuff here, are some things you can buy if you want to support me!

Potion School

This is my most recent game - but the release week was stolen by COVID-19 shuttind down the printers. Postage is pretty steep if you’re outside the US, but it’s a great physical card game!

Candy Raid: The Factory

This is an older game of mine, but still really great; it was my first as a real professional indie. I’m just below the limit of when steam pays out my earnings, so any help here would be really appreciated!

Can’t Anyone Save The World? 2nd Edition

This is by far the worst game I’ve tried to sell, but the art is fantastic. If you’re interested in tabletop RPGs, check it out for free, or you can buy the softcover book for really cheap.

Thanks again to pie for letting me post this! And thank you all for your support (even if you don’t buy anything, that’s fine!)

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This came out of our weekly hangout btw. For those who don’t know @Ratstail91, he was on our @Release_Team last release and helped us out with some stuff. You can find his intro here:

He’s one of several friends from who join us once in awhile. These guys and gals are often small teams or single devs doing their best to hustle and create what they love. Just like we do here with Imperial Conflict.

So, if you’re interested in a new game anyway, why not support somebody in our extended family? :ic_smile: I just picked up a copy of Potion School myself. :+1: