Introducing The Chaos Server

Greetings! I have some exciting news to announce. :drum: :drum: :drum:

Alternate tick galaxies are now possible!

Instead of ticking on the hour, we can now run galaxies that tick on anything we want. The very first one we’re going to try is going to tick every minute. It will be in a new galaxy called Delirus.

This brings up a few questions:

How long will the rounds last?

Chaos rounds will be very fast. I am considering the first Delirus round to be a 48 hour weekend flash round.

Some quick numbers:

  • A regular 6 week galaxy ticking on the hour has roughly 1000 turns.
  • A “classic” 3 month galaxy would then be roughly 2000 turns.
  • Ticking on the minute, we get about 1500 turns in 24 real life hours.

This means that we can condense a classic round into the space of a real life weekend. Of course, it’s not a perfect parallel given that people have to sleep. We’re just going to have to play it out to see how it feels and adjust from there.

Isn’t 1-Minute too fast?

Possibly. We’re starting with 1 minute because it’s the fastest way we can iterate on initial test runs. We may find that we want to do 5 minutes instead, or even 15 minutes. Again, there’s no way to know without just trying it.

What’s the difference between The Chaos Server and The Dev Server?

Some of you have tested 1-minute ticks already in the dev galaxy. While that has seen some fun experiments, the dev server’s purpose was never to be for actual competition. It was primarily there for testing bug fixes and new features. Rankings were never kept for this reason. Similarly, the dev server was subject to be reset/wiped at any moment.

The Dev Server will remain online to serve its original purpose.

The Chaos Server, however, will be seen as a second official server.

  • EoR Rankings will be recorded, just as in the regular server.
  • There will be no unexpected mid-round resets that The Dev Server sees.
  • It will be experimental in galaxy settings, but not in features. In other words, it will always share the same code as the regular server. It’s not for testing new features.

Do I have to pay to play?

No, but there will be limitations. Signing up will be free, but:

  • The number of non-Patron spots will be limited.
  • Non-Patrons must have finished at least 1 round on the regular server.
  • Patron Fighters and above will be guaranteed entry.

For every Patron Fighter that signs up, there will be a corresponding non-Patron spot available. These free spots will be distributed randomly amongst the non-patrons that sign up.

That means that you can guarantee your spot by becoming a Patron Fighter yourself, or just wait until the next round to try again if you don’t get in.

What about the 2 galaxy limit?

The 2 galaxy limit will be waived for this first round, but will be reinstated afterward. If you’ve already completed 1 round, you’re eligible, regardless of where else you’re playing right now.

What now?

The server is online and ready, but the galaxy start date has not yet been determined. A separate post will be going up soon that will explain Delirus in more detail. It will also include setup polls and have more details on the signup process.

In the meantime, feel free to ask questions here.


Pause button.


Good call, will have to explore that functionality for sure. Timezones will be tricky, but could be cool to have a pre-agreed upon downtime window as well as a “pause if everybody agrees” kind of thing.


4hours on, 12 hours off then 4 hours on…whole round right there…

for a first practice :slight_smile:

Delirus Signups are up: