Delirus Signups

Our first 1-minute tick galaxy is on!

We’re going to do this a bit differently. Given the fast-paced nature and limited spots, we’re going to have people sign up first and then we will figure out an appropriate start date, time, and other details.

The number of available spots is TBD.

As mentioned here, the number of non-Patron (free) spots will be determined by how many Patreon subscribers sign up. The more sign up, the more action we’ll see.

Are you a Patron Fighter or above?

Please sign up here as well. Patron subscribers are not included by default, as there are subscribers who are not actively playing. Your spot is still guaranteed, but only if you sign up here.

Initial Players will be chosen in 48 hours.

We’ll let this thread run for 48 hours. Once the players are chosen, we will set up a private thread/poll to determine the actual galaxy setup.

A 24 hour extension will be provided.

If you don’t get picked for a free spot, you will have an additional 24 hours to sign up as a Patron Fighter to get in.

Good luck everybody. See you in 48 hours.

  • Sign me up for a free spot.
  • Sign me up as a Patron Fighter.

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you all know you want me in this lol just let me know 24h prior

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Signups closed! More info to come shortly.

The players have been picked. It’s not too late to get in as a Patron Fighter if you still want in on the action.

awe lol, so i take it that if i didnt get a message then i know i wasnt pick :stuck_out_tongue:

Everybody should have got a message, but yeah it looks like you didn’t catch the spot this time. No worries though, there will be more. :slight_smile:

Still sad :frowning: lol